Good Wrath

Let me offer a short theological reading of current events. We are seeing the continued Establishment supported erasure of our folk and heritage. The soulless foot soldiers of Globohomo tear down our statues and harass our friends to unemployment and suicide, all while those sworn to serve and protect point and laugh.

The material causes can be analyzed: a long march through the institutions by Marxists, the fanning of discontent between the sexes and between generations, the subversion of sensible race relations – but these don’t address the biggest “Why?” of all.

Europe was a collection of Christian civilizations, but no more. Dixie was the last vestige of this Christian Europe. We have lost the way. As Christians, we are Israel. That current country was named to mock the true Israel – those that struggle with the Triune Lord. In our past, the Lord sought to bring us low by sending the Assyrians to storm and disperse the Northern Kingdom. In the small frame of reference, this was the death of a once great people who held the mandate of heaven. A tragedy if there ever was one. In the larger frame, this was God’s strange mercy disallowing His own to persist in damnable error; it’s part of the same fractal that includes the image of the Cherubim guarding Eden with the flaming swords, keeping us from eating from the Tree of Life while filthy with error. It’s God’s good wrath that takes the entire story into consideration and not individual paragraphs. They had lost the way, but the good news is that the Way continues regardless of our frailty. The Lord brought in our folk to share in His kingdom by the grace of His only begotten Son’s precious blood.

We must turn back to the Christ. Let us not be foolish and think that doing so will bring back our flags and statues. No, those things are probably gone, just as the Northern Kingdom is physically gone. It is right to mourn our losses, but softening our hearts to the true Word allows us to continue into the future, statues or no. Pray the Psalms, consider your own faults, ask for forgiveness and healing.

Only then, can we gird our loins and prepare for a meaningful “conversation” with this scum.

God will vindicate us.

-By Adam Smythe

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