The Closed Minded Big Brain

When liberals, wish washy “conservatives” or “big brain” moderate liberalists/libertarians speak of having an “open mind,” what they mean is that they leave a vacuum in their mind, an open space, to uncritically or, at best tentatively, accept beliefs and behaviors that run counter to historically normative beliefs and behaviors.

In other words, their defining trait is that they feel they must accept almost all beliefs and behaviors, given they meet a few criteria. If there is a feeling that a growing acceptance is occurring in the greater society, the “leftist, liberalist, or conservative” will either eagerly or begrudgingly accept the new paradigm, the only difference is how quickly they are able to adapt their worldview, which is just a matter of “rearranging the furniture” in their mind to clear the way for the new belief. Take homosexual marriage for instance. It was championed by leftists, then libertarians (libertines) and then, finally, “conservatives” fell in line. In short order, the dominoes fell into place rather neatly. Now, only the Far Right and the (actual) religious find the practice destructive to the social order.

The Far Right dissident is described as “closed minded” by these other groups. In our current zeitgeist, “closed minded” is wrongthink. It is the mark of a knuckle-dragging caveman or a dinosaur that needs to be extinct through Cultural Marxism re-education. To be fair though, in some cases this is true. There are, in fact, lower IQ Far Right dissidents who are only capable of believing in things that are in the realm of “common sense,” and their minds are impregnably intolerant of leftist ideas. This doesn’t mean they are wrong, or even dumb per se. It simply means they operate and are governed by a more rigid, almost instinctual, ethos.

As an example, your intellectually average Far Right dissident sees an image of a drag queen reading to young and impressionable school children. He knows immediately and intuitively that this is wrong, immoral and extremely dangerous, not only for the children subjected to this torture, but that it may set a precedent of some kind at a meta-level. He’s certainly not wrong, as this is a natural impulse for safety and security, especially since children are involved. A man in garish makeup and a dress is neither normal or healthy, it’s deranged.

But, the intellectual vanguard of the Far Right is literally the most open minded of all. Often, we have many shared characteristics with Far Left liberals. The difference is that Far Left liberals have almost absolutely no ability to CRITICALLY THINK, because part of their ethos is that criticism and judgment of “the other” is inherently wrong (or even evil). Their common sense/instinctive cognitive ability is switched permanently off. Freedom, in the perverted and hedonistic sense, and unrestrained artificial equality are their apogee. Hierarchy and the natural order are shadowed by these man-made abstracts. Thus, danger, disorder and dysfunction aren’t even part of their calculation.

The Far Right thinker is constantly passing every idea through a strong analytical process in their minds. His mind is actually MORE open than the leftist. He just has a much better ability to create order out of the chaos of thought, seek pattern recognition and then reject the ideas that are the most disruptive to the common sense/judgment centers in his brain.

To sum it up, once all the mental furniture has been rearranged and the leftist, liberalist or conservative is finished with their living room, the leftist home would seem to be the home of a hoarder. Unpacked boxes, clutter, filth, and piles of disorganized junk strewn about (much like their actual homes, if you’ve visited one). The liberalist home would appear less cluttered, but equally chaotic and without a unifying harmony of “color scheme,” just the same. The conservative would be the home of the procrastinator. Basically organized, with varying states of cleanliness, but always outdated and in need of repair.

The Dissident Right home would be the most organized and inviting. No conflict in style or color. Timeless in taste and comfort. Why would you want to live anywhere else?

-By Dixie Anon


  1. This is how the CULT of “moral relativism” got started – we shouldn’t judge others because we haven’t walked in their shoes. It’s not necessarily “wrong” that people rob, cheat, and murder. You would do the same if you had lived their life, is basically what the Left is saying.

    Sorry, but this is a prescription for a totally lawless society, where individual responsibility has ceased to exist! Sooner or later you have to draw a line that certain actions should never be permitted, and should therefore be punished whenever they occur. The alternative is total societal chaos, where only the strong survive. I fail to understand how Leftists see permitting all kinds of offensive behavior as being somehow “progressive”. It’s a prelude to permitting outright lawlessness. Social order completely breaks down when this happens. This is in fact what takes us back to the “knuckle-dragging caveman” days that the “Progressives” fancy they are saving us from! This is not “progress”, but just the opposite instead!