Surviving the Coming Blue Wave

The US media has produced a flood of articles this year predicting a “blue wave” of Democratic electoral success which will wash away the Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. This prediction is surely based in part upon the media’s well-documented and all too often transparent liberal bias. But it also rests upon the Democrats’ better than anticipated showing in special elections to fill empty congressional seats leading up to the midterm elections this fall.

However, as Selena Zito of the New York Post explains in a recent article, this is a poor basis to make such a forecast:

House special elections don’t usually predict a party’s fate in the midterms. The Democrats lost all their special elections leading up to the 2006 midterms only to flip the House by 30 seats; four years later the Republicans lost all their special elections going into the 2010 midterms — and went on to trounce the Democrats by winning 63 seats back.

That said, we know from demographic data that a giant wave is definitely coming. That wave is racially brown, comprised largely of non-White immigrants, as well as, non-Southern transplants. Politically, the wave is deep blue, with these immigrants heavily siding with liberal Democrats over conservative Republicans.

What we do not know is exactly when the wave will crash upon States such as Georgia, Texas and Florida, flipping them from red to blue and dooming the Republicans to permanent minority status at the Federal level of government. But the wave is moving fast and has already struck land in northern Virginia, central North Carolina, southern Florida and southern Texas. These areas, once as culturally Southern and politically conservative as the rest of Dixie, are now demographically heavily non-Southern and politically liberal. Virginia, former capital of the Confederate States of America, is now represented in the US Senate by Democratic liberals from Indiana (Mark Warner) and Minnesota (Tim Kaine). Sadly, the Old Dominion is firmly in the hands of Democrats, while Florida and North Carolina are now swing States that are trending in the Democrats’ direction.

While we do not know whether the full impact of the wave will hit this year, in 2020 or sometime thereafter, we can make good predictions about the destructiveness of it based upon the experiences of other conservative White-governed countries, which fell politically to Left-wing non-White forces. The outlook is extremely negative if one values Southern heritage, traditional Anglo-Saxon liberty or Christian-based social norms. The entirety of our identity, values, historical rights, symbolism and even our genetic survival will come under a ferocious and sustained attack.

Debates about whether the wave will hit this fall or in a few years are mostly a waste of time. What is certain is that we must have a plan to survive the coming wave and eventually come out on top in our territory. At some point, there must be a Southern nationalist state in Dixie where our people, values, symbols, faith and future take priority. How do we get there? Afrikaners faced a dire situation and opted to build their own little ethno-community in the countryside far from the major cities of South Africa. That required organization, fund-raising, the establishment of a corporation to oversee the community and a few decades of effort to build and grow it. This is one option. We have some highly intelligent people on our side in this struggle and surely they can come up with other alternatives. But whatever direction we take, the time is now to get serious and take action to survive the deadly wave bearing down upon us.


  1. I fear we’ve waited too long. The majority of Southern Nationalists say that they won’t congregate into a single locale or state, choosing to stand and fight where they are, for their own individual states. But, is that the wisest course of action. Would it not be more prudent to come together in a place where we can effect enough change to make it our own?

    If Florida were to walk away from the Empire today, it would split into two, if not three distinct pieces. Because, as stated in the piece, South Florida below the I4 corridor is not Southern anymore, nor exclusively White. Liberal elitists own Gainesville and Tallahassee, aided by idiot college students and urbanized and bog-government dependent Blacks. Even Jacksonville is increasingly in danger of being overrun with militant Blacks.

    White(and Southern) Nationalist groups need to come together, and come to a consensus of where to gather.

    It’s time to get our people moving in one direction.

    1. Yes, I don’t see the urgency yet – even amongst the most active people on the SN scene. How hard would it be to get a few key people together and form a corporation and start fund-raising with the goal of buying a nice piece of rural land on which to build a town? It is very do-able. Our ancestors did things like that all the time. No excuse for us to do nothing and await death.

  2. I’ve mentioned several times, to several different people, that there are hundreds of acres of Florida horse-country land for sale right now, surrounding a small town encompassing one square-mile. There are several homes available within the town limits. And, the population is such that within a few election cycles, it could conceivably become a central point for a SN enclave. But, my voice only carries so far, and apparently, no weight. So…

    1. A place like that would be ideal. An important area of discussion should be the merits of all the property being owned by a single corporation (which movers would join) as the Afrikaners did in Orania vs just picking a tiny town and moving there as individuals. I favor the corporation model because it can be more exclusive to keep out crazies and undesirables. It would also deter the government from building a ghetto in town to promote “diversity.” It would be more difficult for them to do that if all the land in town and surrounding it was owned by a single corporation.

  3. There is no doubt about it, that wave is coming. It is just a question of when. Whenever it comes it will likely happen fast and take millions of trucons by surprise despite our warning them over and over. We *must* be one step ahead and have plans and networks in place for when that day comes and it will almost certainly happen within our lifetimes.

  4. I’ve dreamed about the physical colony lots of times, and it is a fun dream because it could be so beautiful. But I think it would be bound to fail if it got too much traction. For one thing, it would be a target for the enemy to strike down. For another thing, anybody living there would be immediately doxxed. For these reasons I think it is probably best for us to just continue to grow invisible networks with those networks forming focal points in some areas, but even if some town becomes a focal point, it is still perfectly legal and not everybody living there has to be automatically doxxed.

    1. I disagree with you there. The people moving to our town would need to have jobs which made them as invulnerable as possible to attacks from the Left. In the beginning I imagine that retirees, those who work online or who have their own small businesses would make up the bulk of the early movers. In Orania they started a flower growinh business that ships all over the place. That helps. Also tourism. I imagine our town could get some statues and monuments taken down by the enemy. Those unable to move right away could visit and spend their money supporting a good cause.

      1. Whoever takes on the project better know real estate law backward and forward bc there are all kinds of complications that arise as soon as you bring real estate into the equation. Realtors aren’t even allowed to “steer” clients or to “blockbust” a neighborhood. Even if you find a way to make it all perfectly legal, tptb would soon change the law to stop it. Somehow

        I find it easy to envision scotus and the National Guard thwarting the project. Other than that it sounds like a great idea.

      2. After the conversations on social media I was thinking the exact same thing regarding the statues. Not only would it be a tourism draw but imagine the inspiration to our children and other Southrons! Even the former communists built parks for the old statues, rather than putting them in self-hate museums, a dirty warehouse or melting them down. That literally made my stomach turn just to write……..

  5. What if we purchased several farms in the 200+-acre range? Spread over a large portion of a single County. Between two good-sized cities? With a small town right in the center?

    1. I think that would be enough land. But this is about building a town – a community with churches, schools, and all the other things that towns have. We want it to grow and for more and more of our people to come there.

      1. Guys…

        …what you’re proposing already exists. It’s called Elohim City. Christian Identity instead of Southern Nationalist, but still…

        You’ve never heard of it because they’re irrelevant. I’m sure there’s others like it, but they have no influence outside their 400 acres and if fedgov really wanted they could kill them all in 30 minutes and almost no one would know, or care. More likely, it’ll just slowly die off like every other rural community in America, and for much the same reason. This ain’t Dwarf Fortress and it ain’t the Zombie Apocalypse; you ain’t going to fight off the whole world from the safety of your little walled town. More likely, you’ll live see your kids get tired of being dirt farmers and move off to the nearest big city where they can major in Gender Studies and fuck Tyrone on the weekends.

        Peter Kropotkin was writing about this more than a hundred years ago, and setting up a community for us is going to be a lot harder for us than it ever would have been for his people.