The State Church and the True Church

A friend on my normiebook account shared an article from the Associated Press with the tagline “For God or party? China’s Christians face test of faith.” The article details the status quo in China, of which I already had a familiarity. In fact, I often mulled over the similarities of the Church in China and those of us who would find ourselves cast out of our parishes if they had an inkling of our extracurricular pursuits.

You see, China found a way to effectively neuter Christianity in China. It has its own sanctioned and safe church. The church adheres to all Chinese policy and teachings, ensuring no level of subversion against a government that encourages hedonism, greed, and antihuman behavior. You control the revolution by starting it yourself and steering it towards either compliance or impotence.

I’m hard pressed to name a single organized church in the West that isn’t a “state church” by this logic, even if our state is an unholy union of private wealth, perniciously obtained, and, public puppets, carefully maintained. If you take a stand on anything, locking arms with departed martyrs from before Christ until now, even causes that the state church is still permitted to endorse, they will excoriate you. If you speak in any meaningful way against abortion in the United States, the state church will condemn you.

The Church’s ancient beliefs about nations, race, sexual ethics, greed, and other notions rest in direct contention with the modern state-sanctioned way of life. Thus, any man who believes like his fathers will find himself cast out of the state church. Their goal rests not in Truth, but in compliance. Their greed and hubris animate their lives, obscure their vision, and urge them to hunt down the last of us wherever they find us, from Damascus to the end of the world.

But, they have given us a gift. When the Church is at its weakest in the World, it is in a purifying fire, all of the slag and impurities escaping rapidly under the hammer and flame. The insincere, the cowardly, the vain, and the greedy cannot drag us under anymore, since they will not follow us in our suffering. More than that, we will find one another and, bound by a common affliction, build a stronger unity and Church than has ever existed. Our Church, born in suffering for the Truth, will persevere and destroy the weapons directed against it, for we are made of stronger things than greed, hubris, and lust. The very instrument of our oppression will be the instrument of our liberation and our victory over those who sought to destroy us.

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