News from Generation Identitaire

Generation Identitaire’s “Mission Alpes”, one of the biggest operations ever undertaken by GI groups, is considered a resounding success, forcing French and Italian authorities to make several concessions on border security.

Since the 21st of April, several hundred of Generation Identitaire’s volunteers took turns blocking the Col De L’Echelle mountain pass, located between France and Italy. It is considered the largest route undertaken by illegals crossing the border into France. Members set up camp in the nearby town of Briançon while simultaneously running several charity drives to help townspeople. Within the first day, with the help of GI’s own aerial surveillance systems, including a helicopter and multiple drones, the Identitarians managed to stop several dozens of illegals, resulting in the arrest of eight smugglers.

This operation did not go on without any strong opposition: Antifa groups organized a counter protest in Briançon on the 23rd, resulting in a riot which injured two policemen. Nine antifa rioters were arrested within the night, two of which for attempting to help illegals cross the border. The Ministry of Justice also circulated a leaked notice to public prosecutors specifically targeting Generation Identitaire, while simultaneously discouraging drawing general public attention to the fact. The document specified ways to frame GI’s members, under a set of laws which prohibited interference in public functions.

The Ministry of Justice’s notice concerning Generation Identitaire’s actions in the Alps.

On the 28th of June, the French Ministry of Internal Affairs released a statement precising that they will reinforce police presence in the area, as well as using vehicle patrols to ensure that no illegals will cross the pass – despite claiming GI’s actions as “redundant”. Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Minister of the Interior, praised “Mission Alpes” and promised that special attention will be paid on Franco-Italian border security.

Funded by membership fees, donors and merchandise purchases, the mission attracted a lot of local and general European attention, partly due to the impeccable organization. Generation Identitaire successfully drew attention to the plight of the people living nearby these large migration routes.

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-By Septimus Julius Merula