The Myopic Boys and Bike Locks

Imagine finding your way back to civilization after a couple of years spent stranded in the Alaskan wilderness. The first person you encounter says “Hi there, I’m a Proud Boy”. You’re not really sure what that means, but then you recall being disgusted by the “pride” parades conducted across the country. In high school, you’d even been required to attend one in person. You wonder if he’s one of the colorful trannies who does the dancing or the guy on a leash wearing a leather dog mask.

Suddenly, he extends his right hand to shake yours. DANGER, HOMOSEX DISEASES! flashes through your head. You realize that the situation was deteriorating rapidly before you got stranded. 2 years have passed. Whatever he’s carrying could have evolved into pathogens more dangerous than the T-Virus by now. Fight or Flight takes over. You bolt faster than you did when being chased by grizzly bears.

Perhaps that’s the reaction civnat crackpot Gavin McInnes was looking to elicit when he came up with the name. Maybe he just wanted leftists to mistake his organization for a re-branded NAMBLA. I’m not really sure, these are both just theories on my part. What I do know is that he’s bashed White Nationalism.

On Friday, he tweeted out condemnation of “Alt-Right” protesters and Unite The Right 2. Twitter promptly banned his and other Proud Boy accounts for “violating our policy prohibiting violent extremist groups”. It was nice to see him get his just comeuppance. Strangely enough, ANTIFA does not get similar treatment. It’s just so bizarre.

As far as I can tell, the purpose of the Proud Boys is to go to street protests and get an adrenaline rush by mixing it up with ANTIFA after they get attacked by those deranged lunatics. This is juvenile and short-sighted behavior. It’s certainly not what any of the organizers of Unite the Right set out to do last year.

They went out of their way to emphasize to attendees that it would be a peaceful protest, and how to conduct themselves accordingly. They liaised with the police for weeks in order to make sure that’s the way it played out. It’s becoming more and more clear to mainstream observers that they were ambushed by law enforcement at the behest of politicians like Terry McAullife.

Street violence is not a good thing. This is especially true for anyone even remotely to the right of the extreme left. These people can attack you at will, with impunity. If you try to defend yourself, you will get the book thrown at you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have rights or that a court will apply common sense to these situations in a just manner.

Since Trump was elected, there have been enough egregious examples of this double standard to fill a book. The most recent is Eric Clanton. He’s the academic who clubbed at least 3 Trump supporters in the skull with a heavy bike lock. In East Asia, since guns are banned, bike locks are a favorite implement of young gangsters for dispatching targets. As one would expect with the impact of a heavy blunt object to the skull, this can result in death. Clanton’s punishment? A plea deal for 3 years on probation. Not a day in jail.

If you’re young and considering going out there with these Proud Boy idiots because you crave action, that’s the sort of situation you can easily find yourself getting caught up in. This is Weimerica. Justice is a naive expectation. Find an athletic outlet to satisfy your craving for excitement. Be smart. Don’t throw your life away by getting head trauma or a felony conviction and years in prison.

Nevah forget that the PB’s leader shoved a dildo up his ass.

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