Saint Skittles & Don Quixote

Why White Nationalism? The reality is that it’s the only solution to this violent and dysfunctional country in which we currently reside. Let’s hearken back to February of 2012. A future engineer for NASA was peacefully strolling the streets of his Florida community. He needed a walk to clear his head from an afternoon spent considering whether or not a lack of scriptural justification for the sale of indulgences might have played a decisive role in provoking the Protestant Reformation. “These texts are best interpreted in the original Latin,” he said to himself while a racist white man (with brown skin) racially profiled him as an excellent candidate for being shot through the heart. In an act so typical of whiteness, he squeezed the trigger with cruelty and malice. Saint Skittles was martyred on the spot.

Yet, as with all Saints, death only served to cement his legacy. As the years moved on, he miraculously studied hard on dem books beneath 6 feet of earth. In hallowed recognition, Florida Memorial University conferred upon him a degree in Aeronautical Science back in May. But that’s not all. Get your popcorn ready guys, because this month (((The Weinstein Company))) has come out with a 6 part series titled: Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.

Don’t be fooled by the long list of Jewish names in the opening credits. This masterpiece is actually brought to us by self-acclaimed pimp, drug trafficker, crime boss, and Christ-type genius Jay-Z. I might have sold his credentials short, but that’s all I’ve been able to piece together from being blasted with his tunes while stopped at red lights. He’s the executive producer, so don’t assume this is a (((Goldman Sachs))) – Obama type assault on your sensibilities.

Hmm, are you currently sharpening your credulity or just feeling exasperated? If it’s the latter then I’d like to remind you why we advocate what we we do. There’s no point in discussion with a failed branch of humanity lacking the faculty of reason or with a tribe possessed of an incurable pathological hatred. We’ve been handing over truckloads of money and pleaded with them for decades. If we had the financial capacity to keep this vibrant hellscape limping on (we don’t) then it could continue until the universe experiences heat death. Distance, not dialogue is the only viable solution.

In September, we’ll be treated to the final episode: Et Tu, America? The irony of using a Shakespeare (or maybe Caesar? who knows with the pretense of these Dindus) reference to eulogize a criminal, who was functionally illiterate, reminds me of another great writer from long ago: Miguel de Cervantes. His most famous work, Don Quixote, chronicles the adventures of a deranged knight on an unwinnable quest for justice.

If someone compares what we strive for to a fruitless crusade, tell them to sit down and watch this rotten garbage. Then, ask them how much they enjoy living through a theater of the absurd. Next, throw a handful of skittles in their face and ask them how many times somebody like noble Trayvon would need to swipe dat EBT card and come up empty before the whole damn thing goes up in flames.

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