Maintaining Activism: Jobs Immune to Doxxing

In this age of globalism, all forces of government and corporate alike are insidiously geared towards replacing the founding and indigenous populations of the entire Western world. That means that the majority populations of the USA, Europe and the West are effectively not allowed to organize, as our people are thrown down the globalist well. As we look up from the bottom of this evil cistern, activists for the interest of Dixians, or other white folks around the country, are soon realizing that our people don’t enjoy the same basic freedoms and civil rights which others commonly brag, celebrate and take pride.

Yet, true heroes will always find a way; we continue to fight for liberty, justice and, especially, a future for our families and children, despite the personal risks. This bears witness to the tremendous honor and sacrifice of so many brave souls of the Dissident Right who continue to stand firm. So, today we’ll assist these courageous champions by helping to find a solution and resolve one category of oppression: we need jobs immune to doxxing.

  • Self-employment:
    Just as the other careers we’ll examine, self-employment can offer a partial immunity from the consequences of doxxing. However, be mindful in any business open to the public. Since the 1960’s, our rights of association have been largely forbidden. My suggestion is to diversify with several part-time home based businesses. The potential categories are endless, from gardening to making something original or offering a service; the sales might take place on anything from internet websites to Ebay, from Craigslist to the many Facebook marketplace venues. Everyone should find their own personal niche, whatever they like or enjoy or perhaps that which is in demand within their own locality.
  • Real estate:
    In a social media discussion of the issue, several activists suggested real estate and those came in two categories, landlord or investor. Due to the multitude of Title VII, HUD and housing laws, the wiser choice between the two would be the latter, real estate investing. Anyone can buy, remodel and sell houses, even if it’s only part time. Unless the laws have changed recently, one can live in a house for two of the last five years, sell it and not pay any capital gains tax at all. Could there be a better legal, part-time profession that is even tax free?
  • Skilled Tradesman:
    The final category is the one most activists recommend for an actual full-time profession. A career in this skilled labor takes little training, provides a high pay level and may be in huge demand. Several activists have said that some specific tradesman careers are in such high urgency that many bosses were already aware of their politics, but simply overlooked them. Skilled labor professions include, but are not limited to, electricians, plumbers, machinists, welders, etc. For a higher degree of doxxing resistance, plus better pay to boot, I very strongly recommend an advanced category within your particular trade skill to be further immune. For example, locally I saw a wanted sign for an aluminum welder, both TIG and MIG, which remained at the forefront of the main signage of the business for literally months. For patriots close to the ocean, I would imagine there would be a huge demand for a small selected niche such as  underwater ship welding. You know, that actually sounds quite fun!

This is why being doxx-proof is a necessity. Below is a tragic story of a good man attacked by leftists and their crony corporate allies.

Doxxed and attempting to raise funds for his family.
Provides reasonable explanation. Free speech is under assault.
Corporate leftist thralls seal the deal. Every time.

Being gainfully employed and protected is paramount for this movement. The political class, journalist class, big business, etc. are set against the Dissident Right. We must make their ability to marginalize us much more difficult.

Overall, my thoughts are to diversify and do all three categories, but first become a skilled tradesman. A welder might work at the job site during the day, but on the weekends he could branch off with his own home based business and build trailers. Some day, it might expand into a complete corporate entity of his own. As his wife watches the children, she could also grow fruit trees to sell locally and also maintain a garden to exchange for fresh eggs from the local community. Better still, perhaps this same tradesman also likes the idea of renovating houses. He would also keep abreast of the real estate market trends to buy low, sell high; every few years he might sell his own home and they relocate just down the street for another renovation project.

So, until we can live in a society with basic rights and free speech, which won’t happen without some type of community of our own, grab this rope and pull yourself out of the oppressive globalist well; the strands of white cotton twine from which it is spun are my suggestions of a few ways to earn a living without worries of being doxxed and fired. There are so many brilliant folks who frequent Identity Dixie, so do you have any thoughts or suggestions? What are your positive ideas to help young activists earn a living without the worries of doxxing?    


  1. Great read. I am semi-retired Industrial Electrician and Technician, meaning I still take the odd contract job, when the location and pay are appealing enough. But your article today has set my thinking towards diversification of skill sets to improve my marketability and independence. This is especially timely, as we are actively searching for a piece of property where I can park our RV without interference from local government bureaucracy. I’m also a ham radio enthusiast in need of space for an antenna farm.

    Thanks for the motivation.


    1. Excellent, glad I can have a positive influence! Of course, in most Southern states zoning on something like an antenna or an RV would be done at the municipal level. In some states, Florida as one example, the local bureaucracy (zoning) has at least partially expanded into the county level due to the influx of people from the north.

  2. Excellent article! And I really mean excellent!

    What else would I advise? I would also add networking with others.

    If there is a builder among us then perhaps he could put together a dream team of like minded plumber, electrician, concrete layer, siding crew, etc.

    Or if there is a car mechanic among us then we could organize to throw a lot of business his way. Or a dentist, or an exterminator, or a chiropractor, or anybody that wants to sell a home or a car.

    Of course this is nothing more than the run-of-the-mill nepotism that all other racial groups already do right under our noses. But if we could actually streamline the networking in some way then that can only help.

    1. Thank you Tom, we write these articles to help others…and thank you as always for your giving of exemplary ideas! Networking is an objective who’s time has come. In fact, it’s that crucial prerequisite before we can once again enjoy the benefits of community.

  3. Excellent and timely, as usual, Tex. In reply to the excellent points made by Done and Tom Jones, the League of the South is the answer. The League has a strong and consistent message, a solid infrastructure, several thousand members, and a developing platform for networking. Rather than continue on our quests of navigating this dangerous landscape alone and without support, shouldn’t we be considering the many benefits of a budding support system?

  4. Thank you for your thoughts James! I absolutely agree that membership into a fine organization such as the League can help with networking. However, we’ve strayed from the original question which is “What are your positive ideas to help young activists earn a living without the worries of doxxing?”

  5. Excellent article Tex.I definitely got a lot from this very smart and informative piece.Thanks and God bless you and all on this great site.We must remain confident in final victory until the master Jesus gives us the right moment.As a great man said”All you need is the White race and the Jesus keys”.