Chicago Carnage: Not a Democrat Problem

Boomerisms. I simply hate them. “Democrats are the real racists” is absolutely the worst. Once that idiocy flies out of a person’s mouth, he is no longer someone I can respect as a human being.

For example, on Monday morning I was perusing the news about the epic weekend of bloodshed in Chicago. 72 people were blasted in a spate of totally senseless violence. In the context of Chicago, it was remarkable solely because usually only about 50 people eat lead between Friday night and Monday morning. The city is literally a war zone and on the verge of complete financial calamity. And, queue up the comment sections—–“because it’s run by Democrats”.

Yes, there is a correlation between between heavily black populations and Democratic municipal governments. However, that doesn’t mean there is a causal relationship between Democrat politicians and wanton violence in black communities. It’s not their fault.

If Rahm Emmanuel, despicable as he may be, was the mayor of a city full of white people, he would not be on TV trying to explain away this volume of savagery. “This wouldn’t happen if Trump was mayor. MAGA” —Yes it would, you imbecile. Refusing to treat them with the soft bigotry of low expectations will not induce them to desist from behaviors that are largely the product of their genetic programming.

Anyone who reads stuff like Drudge Report or Breitbart should be well aware of the fact that this sort of carnage occurs wherever there’s a black population. Are the Democrats in charge of London? That place has a epidemic of knife crime. Are they calling the shots in Sweden where police stations have to be fortified against grenade attacks? Perhaps they’re running Rio de Janiero, where the murder rate is so bad that military intervention has failed to arrest its slide into chaos.

Bombed Swedish Police Station

These people are incapable of grasping the simple fact that with a black population there is no program or policy palatable from a human rights perspective that will convert them into peaceful and productive citizens. In the past, Democratic politicians in the South addressed this issue by enacting Jim Crow in order to keep crime confined to black areas.

This all fits in nicely with Dinesh D’Souza’s bogus historical narrative about Republicans waging a struggle for equality. I heard that he’s got a new movie, so I checked online and found out it’s already making millions of dollars off these deluded morons.

When Obama tried to get him thrown in prison on a BS campaign finance technicality, Conservatism, Inc. was outraged. I was delighted. Can you really blame Obama? That charlatan is infuriating.

Oh yeah, and did you know that George Soros is actually a Nazi?


  1. Blacks are natural conservatives who have been put on the Democratic plantation. We just have to liberate them from the slavery of free housing, free schooling, free groceries, free cell phones and monthly checks for breeding. Then they will embrace capitalism, limited government and the GOP. It all starts with more Republican outreach to the Black community. Trust me. I know these things.