Take All Your Red Pills

The Alt-Right is an online coalition of libertarians, dominionists, masculinists, and identitarians who are not represented by mainstream conservatism. As the Alt-Right has succeeded on the identitarian front, it has picked up a bunch of men who haven’t taken all their red pills in the other areas. We need a complete suit of armour or the West will end up falling into the same trouble all over again. Here is a quick primer of the “manosphere” red pills on women. I’ll also make some dominionist points for my Christian readers.

Wives and girlfriends tell their men what friends they’ll have, where they will live, which gods they’ll worship, what they will wear, and how they will spend their lives. They even tell them whether they will have children or not. Men then convince themselves that these decisions were what they actually wanted, and they beat their chests and tell everyone how manly they are for having a woman. Men have an infinite capacity for rationalizing and self-delusions.

The average man will abandon his guy friends so he’ll have no back-up if things implode with his girl. Meanwhile, the average woman secretly cultivates “friends” who will give her attention and will sleep with her if she leaves her man. How many men in a relationship have a girl on the side they can call up for sex if their woman breaks up with them? Do you? All women maintain their safety net of orbiters and admirers as back-ups. They’ll have intercourse with one of those orbiters within 24 hours of dumping their men.

The speed of female rebound sex is no exaggeration either. You can set your watch to it. You can also count on your ex glancing back at you. While she’s with the new dude, she’ll check back on you in three weeks to make sure she made the right decision by leaving you. When your ex sees your sorry friendless state, it’ll confirm her decision to leave you. You’re not allowed to be mad either. Hey, she didn’t double-up with your replacement physically so she didn’t technically cheat on you, right? Her emotional cheating doesn’t count in modern society. Women rarely double up physically like men do anyway. They are “hypergamous“. They trade in their old men for better models. Men are the polygamists who double-up.

Men do not apologize for being attracted to beauty. Their sexuality is completely amoral: breasts, buttocks, and young pretty faces. They like the signs of fertility. But acting on those desires is either moral or immoral and, therefore, is subject to God’s judgement. We can talk about controlling male lust later but we need to get them women first. “White Knights” are male feminists who excuse female behaviour. Our patriarchal ancestors excused it too. The problem with the White Knights is that they want women to have the privileges of patriarchy without any of the resposnsibilities. They believe women are inherently more moral than men. God disagrees. He put men in charge for a reason.

Women need not apologize for their amoral sexuality either. They like strength, status, and power. However, their desire leads to as much immoral behaviour as male desire. Women love attention from powerful men and will grant them license that should belong only to their husbands. They’ll let Trump grab them wherever he wants. They will also gather a group of men from which to farm attention and complements whenever they have the chance. You should be giving her attention while prying her hands off those other branches. As long as we think female sexual desire isn’t as amoral as a male’s, then we shall encourage having unfaithful wives and daughters. The pick-up artists (PUA’s) will tell you to take her off the pedestal and they are right. I’ll qualify their advice for my Christian brothers by telling you to put God up on that pedestal instead of yourself.

Instead of letting her decide your highest values, your boundaries, and your friendships, you must learn to pass her “shit tests“. A shit test is a fitness test your woman administers to you to see if you will put up with her shit. Low-value men can’t pass them. Their girls then leave them by swinging like monkeys to another branch in their networks. Holding onto two or three men at the same time is called “monkey branching“. Monkeys hold onto other branches in case the one their on breaks. Oh yeah, and women determine when most relationships end. Breaking up with her is rare “alpha” behaviour that reveals you’re a high-status man.

So, when your girl balks at your decisions, then increasing your value with other women will both give you options for replacing her and make her behave better to prevent your from breaking up with her. It will also make her want to have children with you. After all, you’re a winner with friends and boundaries. Women are not designed to think any of their monkey-branching behaviour is actually wrong. They are not designed to defend the nation either. They are designed to love the children they have with the conquerors who killed their husbands and raped them. That’s why God placed you in charge and not her. That’s also why the bonds between men must be independent of the caprice of women. Who else will have your back when the invaders come?

Let’s quickly tear down a few more of the idols of the age while we’re at it, shall we?

1. If you treat other men’s live-in girlfriends like wives, then you are anti-marriage. Hit on her until someone puts a ring on it.

2. If you tell your unmarried son to join the military, then you are defying Biblical law. Sorry warmonger, God says a man has got to be 20 and married to fight.

3. All the Boomers who told their children to wait until their late 20’s to get married are anti-family too. Marry young instead.

4. Women cause 90% of the divorces in this country. Blaming men for it is an idolatrous sacrifice to the Whore of Babylon. Help those divorcés so they will remarry quickly. The divorcées don’t need your help.

5. Today, women have the unilateral right of infanticide over males, including their husbands. Attacking men for it is just abetting this massacre. Blame the murderess for a change.

6. In this post-marriage/post-family era, the average woman is having just as much sex as married women did in the 1950’s. The average man is having less. Encourage men to woo younger women to even the playing field. Women can always marry and stay married if they really want to stop the carousel.

7. One cannot walk through a supermarket today without encountering female pornography—romance novels. They are now filled with bondage, vampire twinks, and werewolf rape. Shame women for reading them just like you’d shame a man for reading Hustler magazine.

8. Anywhere from a third to a half of all women have rape fantasies. Men who do more housework have less sex than men who don’t. Left-wing politics is a sexual killer for straight men. Remember these facts when you vote. Remember this the next time she has you cleaning house.

9. White men stab their buddies in the back to get into the top 20% of men that women are having sex with. Such men deserve to lose their friends. Your appointments with your band are just as important as your dates with your woman. Don’t let her knock all your friends out of your schedule because she will try.

10. Men are more violent and powerful than women. To compensate for this, God made women more deceptive than men. If they were held accountable for all this deception by the state, there would be just as many women in prison as men.

11. If you think women don’t want men to be aggressive providers, then you are 50 Shades of wrong. Their rape fantasies and beta-farming come from you not smacking them on the butt like a real man would. They’ll just find a man who will if you won’t.

12. The cult of romance and martial manhood will have to take a backseat until the Christian patriarch is returned to his rightful place over the family. Otherwise, there will be no more men to sacrifice to them.

13. All these popular falsehoods about sex were taught to us by our rulers so we would be a bunch of losers who work for them instead of for ourselves. Birth control pills, no-fault divorce, feminism, and women in the work place, all lead to low wages for men. Our masters put that money in their pockets.

Instead of worshiping women, you need to do what is right and protect the brethren first. When your woman doesn’t like this, just start getting attention from other women and she’ll fall in line. Letting a woman know that you’re valuable to other women is the only way to keep her from killing your babies, destroying your friendships, or betraying the nation. If you think her pussy is more important than God or brotherhood, then you will end up friendless and with all your children in a trashcan. And it serves you right for not having any values in the first place. Your cuck actions revealed your true preferences just like her actions reveal hers.

Deo Vindice



  1. This post brings up a great point I’ve been making for a long time. The term, “red pill” predates the alt-right to the days of the neoreactionary movement and the beginnings of the manosphere. I had entered politics well after I had a grasp on intersexual dynamics, however people within the alt-right seem to shy away from the manosphere all the while bitching about the sexual marketplace.

    This is, in my opinion the biggest roadblock to any serious movement making traction. Pool parties and book clubs will go nowhere if men can’t start families.

    If you are serious about this stuff, read the rational male and the tactical guide to women. This is where people need to be if they care about our people, not stupid rallies and political forums.