5 Things We Can Do To Help The South

The dissident Southern Right is very good at pointing to what is wrong with the country and the underlying causes behind the various maladies we face in the current year. We are also very good at having big sweeping solutions that would, if ever enacted, help the country almost immediately, but we are not so good at explaining the little things that can be done right now to shore up our defenses in our strongholds to keep the tide of Globohomo at bay.

Short of sending them all back, a rather massive yet, noble and necessary plan, we need to have “shovel ready” solutions that can be enacted at the State or even local levels that help our people in the immediate, as well as, the long term. So here is a list of 5 things that can be done to help the South remain Southern and set us on a path to true prosperity.

5.) Ban the slaughter and sale of Halal/Kosher foods

Halal/Kosher slaughter is needlessly barbaric. If non-native cultures want to immigrate to our lands, then they can adopt our more humane methods of livestock slaughter and leave their barbaric religious practices behind. Not to get too in-depth with this point, so feel free to research this more on your own but Kosher foods are nefariously marketed and inconspicuously labelled so that Christians, who are commanded to not eat foods sacrificed to other gods or idols (1 Corinthians 8), consume them in direct violation to their religion, the host religion of the South. This is a violation not only of Christian law, but also is a violation of our civil liberties and borders on being a hate crime. What would be said of us not telling Muslims or Jews that a certain product contains pork? Think about it.

4.) Invest in our own citizens

The South has enough entrepreneurs to sustain a healthy economy, so long as they are not stymied by State government in favor of bringing multinational corporations in to exploit our relative low cost of labor compared to other regions of the country. Most of the time, these companies promise to bring thousands of jobs to an economically depressed community, but end up importing the labor from the third world and completely changing the fabric of the community (see Tyson Chicken).

So long Norma Rae and Bubba, welcome Miguel and Rafael.

3.) Establish toll booths along southbound routes at our northern border

We benefit economically from Northern tourism, but it has become plain to see that this is not a good thing. The goal of the tolls would not be to tax commercial trucking, but instead passenger vehicles with out of region plates would be subject to the toll. This could be a regional project, a confederation of sorts. Border States could levy the tax for infrastructure maintenance used to improve our rapidly degrading highways and bridges. The North has been taking advantage of our famed hospitality, while being lousy guest for far too long. If they wish to enjoy our land’s natural beauty while berating us and lecturing us on our backward ways, then an extra $2 at the Virginia State line will be the price. Perhaps, this toll will aggravate them enough to stop coming. Passive, yet aggressive.

2.) Government/NGO relocation programs for impoverished urban citizens

It is no secret that the South has some of the highest levels of poverty in the nation. Many of these areas are in economically depressed urban centers. This reality also disproportionately affects African descended peoples. The purpose of relocation programs would be to give these people a better life in a more diverse and progressive area of the country with better schools and where the economy is larger and could benefit from such a large untapped economic force. Cities like Seattle and Boston could really use an infusion of culture from a newly arrived English-speaking labor boost.

Do the right thing, Martha’s Vineyard. Take these people in. History is watching.

1.) Invest in Rural students

By investing more State funds in programs like 4H, FFA and High School vocational training, we can fill the void in the trades and agricultural sectors. These are industries we’ve abandoned for years and we’ve allowed the leftwing-controlled education industry to send our young people off to college to earn useless degrees that are not desired by the Southern economy, while simultaneously accruing massive student loan debt. This student loan debt acts as an anchor around our young people’s neck and drives birthrates and economic growth sharply downward. School programs that teach young rural men to be farmers or electricians would be such a valuable boon to our economy. It would help our culture to such a degree that no further migrant labor would be needed and that valuable third world labor could be directed and funneled into other areas of the country where they may be needed, like New York or California. An increase in 20 year old Southern journeymen plumbers can contribute a lot more to the tax base than flooding Dixie with millions of Josés and Pedros.

– By Spencer Randolph


  1. I have to admit that I never thought about toll booths that charged southbound yanks. Gave me a chuckle but may not be a bad idea if we could pull it off. Would definitely be a good troll.

    What about restaurants and other businesses that charge double for yanks? That might be easier to accomplish and it’s not like yanks are a protected class, unless they want to set a legal precedent as being a distinct race from us. It would force the country to examine the question whether yanks and Dixians are the same race and ethnic group.

    The idea I’ve been playing with recently is just discriminating against yanks and scalawags but not mud races. That way you are taking away their virtue signal, which is one of their main motives for acting the way they do.