The Pitiful Paul Ryan GOP

The Republican Party abounds with pitiful losers. But, which one is truly the most pathetic? Think about it for a minute. See what I mean? It’s tough. There’s just so many to pick from, and they’re all so dedicated to losing everything of any value left in this country.

First of all, set aside Lindsey Graham. That warmongering, closeted homosexual is worthy of his own category. “I know it’s really gonna upset a lot of gay men. I’m sure hundreds of ’em are gonna be jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge – but I ain’t available. I ain’t gay. Sorry.”–Right, Bro. You’ve never done anything with another man besides shake hands. Nobody on either side of the aisle actually believes that nonsense.

It’s also best to ignore your garden variety nonentities like the effete “please clap” Jeb Bush. Unbeknownst to Jeb, he was never in the game to begin with. Rather, he was simply there to serve as the butt of jokes. Likewise Senator Jeff Flake, a man whom the media has trained like a monkey to criticize Trump by showering him with effusive praise every single time he does it. He’s accomplished zero. At least this guy has sufficient self-awareness of his loserdom that he won’t even seek reelection. These hapless failures don’t count because they’ve proven themselves no impediment to progress.

Therefore, I believe the title belongs to the outgoing Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. This is a man so feeble that as Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, he actually thought that touting his black girlfriend from college would be a selling point. “Vote for me, I’m cool with racial miscegenation!” Predictably, the Left denounced him as a racist. It was the cringiest incident in the cringiest presidential campaign to date. It was the decisive factor in my decision not to bother voting that time around.

Fast forward six years and Paul Ryan has steadfastly resisted delivering to the Trump voters who made sure he retained his position as Speaker of the House. A couple weeks back, during an on-stage conversation with (((Jonah Goldberg))) of the National Review, he urged conservatives to “fight back” against White Nationalists and “marginalize these guys the best we can”.

Yep, as civilization slowly implodes all around him Ryan somehow believes that his fellow Whites defending their right to exist is the problem to confront. “Come on guys, stop complaining and climb down into this kosher mass grave with me. You’re gonna like down here…” Just like that, Paul Ryan elucidates his brilliant strategy for how a Republican can get elected in the Current Year. Who can fault him? We’ve all seen how it’s such a proven formula for electoral success.

By the way, what does the word “conservatism” conjure up in your mind at this late hour? What pops into my head is watching my friends die in wars for the Jewish Ethnostate while the nation they were ostensibly trying to defend is inundated by a brown horde. According someone like Paul Ryan, that’s the way it was always meant to unfold because White Nationalism “is not the founding vision”.

Ultimately, the question is not whether all of the politicians like Paul Ryan will be run out of town in disgrace. They have no real doctrine other than losing with dignity by attacking right, while their world is devoured from the left. The real question is if they’ll finally be vanquished by our movement, or the Coalition of the Ascendant. If we can toss them out, there’s a prospect of salvation for the country.

Otherwise, it’s collapse.


  1. “Our values” Paul hates the GOP base in the South because we are more about identity than trying to convert Mexicans and Blacks into classical liberals whose first priorities are corporate tax cuts and a steady supply of cheap Third World labor.