Biblical Courtship: Dating for Dixians

“Marriage in the South – our roots run deep, the covenant is solid, love is sweet, life may be hard but God is good.”

We live in an age where morality has crumbled. To a large degree even the churches have allowed themselves to be taken-in by modern, post 1960’s cultural revolution standards of right and wrong. Yet as Southern Nationalists, we should each be a shining illustration for our people to look towards to provide a positive example. To help guide us on this path we study the old ways, tradition and yes, even open our Bibles to find direction.

At age 40-something I was able to attract the lady of my dreams. She is more than just a lady who loves God, I married that rare angel who literally saved all of her firsts for me. By this once-in-a-lifetime rare gift, I am completely humbled, honored and feel special and appreciated more than words could ever describe. Now we are married with a baby on the way.

To find a wife of utmost character, my thought process was along the lines of how would God want me to behave in a relationship and the obvious answer was Biblical Courtship. As most reading this know, the churches have largely fallen and very few in any modern congregation actually utilize the courtship practice. Notwithstanding, I do understand large portions of the so-called Dissident or Far Right still practice courtship as the standard. So this article should not only help young folks better understand the process, help to unify relations within the Dissident Right, but also assist by moving young readers one step closer towards marriage and family.

In 2 Peter Chapter 2, the Bible tells us to separate ourselves from the ways of the world. In applying this advice to relationships, the ways of our world in modern America most often mean anything from exclusive premarital relations with one person to random hook-ups. Yet, these methods are planned for temporary personal pleasure by a society that places gay marriage on an equal footing, not designed to help you find marriage material and create a family of your own.

So what is Biblical Courtship? In one sentence I’d say, first get permission from the father and no sex before marriage. For a full understanding please allow me to expound a bit, it’s best understood by the acronym “CARE”:

  • Commitment to marriage as the purpose
  • Accountability to parents and family
  • Rejection of modern dating philosophy
  • Establishment of physical boundaries

What are the steps for Courtship?

  • The end of Luke Ch 14 expounds the wisdom of preparation.  Please don’t take this too far as I did because the perfect time may never arrive. Perhaps complete a trade school to put yourself on the path towards providing for a family. Now you have the tools not only for a family but perhaps eventual self employment and independence.
  • The first chapter of Proverbs suggests we get to know the family and ask permission from the father. Honor her father and mother, as well as your own.
  • In Matthew Ch 10 we learn to never lose sight of priorities, to love the Lord God above all else. You see, as we maintain God in our lives together, we are blessed not only with His guidance but His blessings will be on your marriage.

Why even marry?

  • Genesis tells us it’s not good for a man to be alone, so God made a help-mate. For which the express purpose of marriage is more thoroughly explained in the same Book as to “be fruitful and multiply” and expounded further in Psalms as a “quiver of children”. Our nation of Dixie cannot survive without fresh little ones taught to love her so.

What does a man look for in a mate?

  • In John Chapter 3 it says someone “born of the water and spirit of Christ” which is clarified in II Corinthians Chapter 6 by not being “unequally yoked together with unbelievers”. Philippians Ch 2  backs this up with “like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind”. In practicality, this means more than Biblical beliefs, do you want the same things from life, a large family, etc.?
  • Titus Ch 2 suggests to find “a good housekeeper who would never blasphemy God”.
  • Throughout much of the Old Testament, including the Book of Deuteronomy, it suggests to marry within your folk or people.
  • Proverbs Ch 7 suggest to ”keep away from the strange woman” and thots of lose morals.

So, if you’re looking to find a mate and create a family of your own, my suggestion is to join the countless others in the Dissident or Far Right who have already embraced the tried-and-true old fashioned practice of Biblical Courtship. God is worth it, our people are worth it, you’re worth it, and so is she….

– Article by Texas Wood, Graphics by Ro Desjardins



  1. Congratulations on the baby.
    We lost a lot and I would argue were already on a downhill trajectory when the language changed from courting to dating and from suitors to boyfriends.

    1. Thank you Tom, our baby is due within the next two months. We have certain lost quite a bit since the end of the Victorian era but since the 60’s “cultural revolution” that paced loss went into complete overdrive to the point of the world being turned completely up-side-down in a decade’s time.