Behold the Destruction of Your Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair

In the aftermath of the Dylann Roof shooting, when the assault on Confederate statues and flags began, I awakened. I had been a liberal early in my adult life, then shifted toward libertarianism. But something about those events…The words being used…The people using them…It gave me a sense of ominous foreboding. I knew this was about more than the destruction of monuments to the men, great and small, who bore arms for the South. I couldn’t put my finger on it, because I hadn’t done the intellectual legwork at that point, but somehow, I knew. They were never going to stop with the Confederates. That was merely the opening salvo. I tried to warn people I knew, because at that point I still had people I now consider normies whom I regularly talked to.

“They’ll come for the Founders next, because of Slavery,” I said.  “Then it’ll be something and someone else because of white privilege/supremacy,” another protestation which fell on deaf ears. I was roundly dismissed as a racist Southern crackpot, and many of those people stopped talking to me.  I thought then that: I hope I’m wrong. At that point, I had not yet read Alinsky and had not come to realize the inevitability of the slippery slope as it relates to leftist politics. After Confederates proved to be an insufficient target for the anti-white Far Left, we saw stories of people vandalizing statues of the Founding Fathers, just as I predicted. Of Stephen STINKING Foster being removed from his hometown because of supposedly racist lyrics in his songs. Though it was rapidly diminishing, there was still a small sliver of a chance that I was wrong and that the slope would hit a plateau once every last one of the EBEL RACISSSSES received the ancient treatment of damnatio memoriae. On July 19, 2018, I was proven right beyond a reasonable doubt.

On that day, an unnamed 14-year-old (probably of vibrant background) destroyed a monument to Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy of Long Island, NY. For those unfamiliar with the tale, Lt. Murphy gave his life heroically for the sake of those in his command. On June 28, 2005, Murphy’s squadron was pinned down in an area where the mountainous topography of Afghanistan made radio contact impossible.  He exited his covered position to get to an area where radio signal could reach command, and in so doing was shot multiple times.  At that point, the Lieutenant dropped his radio, before picking it up under fire and completing his transmission. He then proceeded to continue firing at the Taliban soldiers until he died from his wounds. Because of his heroic actions, the men in his command were saved. A warrior’s warrior.

For his actions, he received the Congressional Medal of Honor and a slew of military facilities (including a boat) bear his name. Oh, and one park with a memorial stone that was just desecrated by a militant anti-white communist. He was a white man who was part of an invasion of a non-white country. Or some such horseshit. Much like service to the Confederacy, what the man did is less the problem to these people than who he is. He is white. He is American. He is the enemy.

And before I get some sperg going off on me for speaking about this on a site that is dedicated to the freedom of the Southern People: one does not need to support the Yankee Empire nor its mission to respect a warrior, his spirit, and his sacrifice. Most of the young men who serve the Striped Banner, Yankee and Southern, believe they are fighting for something noble and good. The truth is something much different, and the realization of that breaks many of them beyond repair. The suicide rate and substance abuse problems among veterans is nothing short of a national tragedy, and the disconnect between the belief that they are serving in defense of American freedom and the reality that they are serving the interests of ZOG is a major factor therein. We can honor our warrior class without supporting what they truly fight for nor even the banner under which they fight. There’s no two ways about it, Lt. Murphy is a hero.

Destruction of our heroes was always the Far Left’s end game. Because to vanquish a people and get them to accept communism, Globohomo Inc, whatever you want to call it, you have to completely burn them to the ground. Disconnect them from their roots, their history, their families, their tribe and you can get them to buy into anything. That is how the largely Jewish Bolsheviks, the commanding cadre of whom were very small in number and light in Russian support, were able to conquer the largest nation the world has ever known. The Bolsheviks browbeat the Russians into obedience, to the tune of 50 million dead by the time Stalin was escorted off the mortal coil.

The Western European, much to the chagrin of Marx and his ideological heirs, has always been resistant to communism. The places where that vile plant has taken root would be places where Marx would have personally found loathsome. We have proven a tougher out than Russia, China, or any of the myriad other 3rd world countries who fly the hammer and sickle.

When economic Marxism was at its political zenith, the West had too much cultural, religious, and social identity to bend the knee and give in. We fought, and we fought hard. Unfortunately, the subversive elements that Joseph McCarthy warned us of were already present and slowly but surely worked to undermine our resistance. To the point where we’re now bigots if we think transsexuals with horns should not be reading to five-year olds.

Even still, it was not enough. The Yankee cities were an easier convert to the rootless cosmopolitanism of Globohomo Inc, because they had long ceased to have any identifiable roots.  Talented fortune seekers from across the country and later the globe gravitated toward a foreign metropolis and in so doing, killed the native identity of those cities. The rural areas were always different. Community gave us common cause and identity. In the South, we have doggedly held on to the heroic deeds of our ancestors for generations. It is part of who we are, and an identity which every member of Identity Dixie wishes to see set free. Those heroes are the most offensive to Globohomo because of the foundational roots they provide and the most easily slandered to normies because of the bombastic propaganda put out by the educational industrial complex.

But as I’ve said, and it bears repeating, this was never about the Confederacy. That was just the wedge issue. The tactic from Alinsky’s playbook. Slander the defeated adversary of the Yankee Empire and the cultural heroes of Dixie and say their statues and their flags need to be memory holed. Most Southern cities have plenty of blacks, so all it takes is a few white leftists imported from Marxist strongholds up North or out West and a few reconstructed locals and – boom. No more statues.

But once the wedge was in, the coalition of the ascendant and their cuckolded white allies who want to fit in were unstoppable. They rampaged even against targets that the average American reveres. The fire has spread out of control. Exactly as it was designed to do. The destruction of Murphy’s monument is merely the culmination of an inevitability. I haven’t bothered to check, but I’m sure there are far lefties on Twitter who are cheering this action as a bold stand of the oppressed speaking truth to power and the oppressors. Which is nothing more than repackaged prole/bourgeois dogma direct from Marx himself.

These are all things many of the followers of this website and of the larger Dissident Right as a whole know. But to the people out there who may see this linked through a friend or even a somewhat normie follower of Rebel Yell, this is never going to end. Not until every last one of us are dead or bend the knee to the cultural Marxists. If you value who you are and where you come from, there’s only one side you can choose. It isn’t the left. It isn’t the milquetoast right.

Deo Vindice


  1. Excellent article.Very much agree on ZOG controlling our nation and using our people as cannon fodder for their aims.Glad so many are discovering the things it took me years to discover.May the good Lord watch over you and give you strength to continue your important work in spreading the truth.You are also correct in saying we cannot blame the young soldier who feels he is fighting for his country,he cannot possibly know who the controllers are.We were young once and well know the feeling of fighting over a pretty girl who was using us for her own ego/designs only to discover we’d been duped much later(for some it seems to take years to catch on to these things).It saddens me so much to see our great race and nation used by the Jews as they wish.But God will enlighten us and deliver us but we must never give up hope in that final victory.We cannot predict events or when it will come but we must always have faith.We will have our day in the sun again because it has been promised to us,God will not forsake us.Satan is already defeated and the Jews are merely his children trying to destroy as much as possible before Christ returns.Thanks and take care.

  2. I googled damnatio memoriae and found an article in jezebel about monument destruction that ended with this:

    “Removing statues is totally in keeping with history, and a relatively lenient punishment when considered against the sorts of things that have been done to condemn the memory of fallen regimes, bad leadership, and failed treason in the past. Pulling down and beating monuments alone is not enough to snuff out an ideology—but it’s a satisfying way to start.”