Save Our Southern Speech!

One thing I love doing when I meet new people is listening real close to their words and picking up what accent they have before I ask, “where are you from?” If they have an accent that sounds mixed, that gives me an idea of what kind of family they might have. If it sounds exactly like it should for a person from where they are from, I can use that to remember that accent on other people. But, it tells me more than just their family and home, sometimes it can tell me what kind of person they are. A deep Southern accent tells me that they are more likely to think like me when it comes to the South, that is, they may believe in Southern Nationalism.

I also feel more inclined to surround myself with fellow Southern speakers, as there’s nothing like a moral, like-minded, Christian, Southron. These people share my heritage and many are closely related to me ethnically and genetically. Our speech gives us the tool to self-segregate from outsiders. It is a tool to help identify fellow Southerners and to keep and/or develop our unique Southern identity.

That’s why Yankees hate it. They hate the idea of us being able to organize. It scares them. They hate the sound of an autonomous South with an autonomous people. That’s why they have worked for over two centuries to make their people hate our accent and regard it as backwards. Sadly, those sentiments have spread to infect whole regions of the South, not to mention our fellow Southerners.

I can’t even begin to count the number of times that a Reconstructed Southerner has mocked my accent. Some Southerners have fallen into the filthy idea that our accent seems uncivilized, intolerable and annoying. It no doubt seems that way to Yankees, but it should not be that way for us, why would we be so masochistic? Our speech is a part of our culture for heaven’s sake!

One of the most disgusting and saddening stories related to this self-hatred has to have been of one of my English high school teachers, who went to college in Eastern Carolina. Growing up with the country accent and pronouncing her “i’s” in the typical Southern manner, she was made fun of by Yankee carpetbaggers who, indeed, regarded her as uncivilized, even being so rude as to ask, “Do you wear shoes over there?” She proceeded to forcibly change her accent from a thick country one to your usual Reconstructed, Yankee influenced, American Standard. She didn’t do it for survival either, it was to “fit in” in the hellhole that is the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.

This is no doubt just a part of the Yankee plan. They will flood our states with Yankees, ostracize us, and force us to assimilate into their culture. We cannot allow them this privilege, this accomplishment. When you encounter such people, spit in their face (figuratively, of course) and flaunt your accent around. Make fun of their accent, don’t let them make fun of yours. If you are in such a position that you feel you must change it in order to fit in, then you would probably be better off searching for new acquaintances.

The Yankees will never approve of you like they do themselves and they’ll continually resort to putting you down whenever they are with their own and are able. They will continue to call you a hick and regard you as a backwards barbarian.

Don’t associate with these people, they’re ungodly anyway.

-By Southern Revivalist


  1. Thank you for writing this. Our dialect is very important and we need to protect it. We really should take measures to protect it but I fear not enough people in our movement really get it. For one thing we should standardize our written dialect but that requires a critical mass of people to get on board and that is going to be a pretty hard job to do. It is a shame but that’s where we are.

    Agreeing on a standardized written dialect is something we actually can do with minimal expense and minimal risk and we don’t have to wait for heavenly bodies to align perfectly before we can do it. But any proposition to try and get the ball rolling will be dismissed as petty.

  2. Great article.I would say that the assault on our Southern accent comes heavly from Jewish media/Hollywood/academia.Sure many people from the North or West want to think themselves better but I’ve run into many who love Southern accents and find them attractive.The Jews hate White,Christian culture and the South has best preserved it so they target us most.Also noticed their propaganda affects most often young White females who with their built in low self esteem are ready to sell out their heritage to fit in with the atheistic,materialists.Be bold!Speak confidently with your beautiful Southern accents and show you will ONLY be proud of it.Ignore any slights because this disarms your detractor(this may take practice)and takes away his or her power.But a tongue lashing or a good smack are also options if you feel the insult warrants it.Each man must decide that course.As for me I will continue to use my superior Southern accent to charm the pretty girls,and I thank God I don’t have the Yankee/Jew accent to drag me down.Best wishes and thoughts to the article writer and all commenters,may the good Lord bestow his blessings on you and yours.