Peace With Russia is Good for Dixie

Back when the Communist Party ruled the Soviet Union much of the US media had a soft spot in their hearts for Russia. That has all changed. The USSR is dead, communism has been discredited, Russia has embraced a socially conservative path and US President Donald Trump is seeking to build positive relations with Russia and its popular leader, President Vladamir Putin. Now, the US media is almost foaming at the mouth with its denunciations of Trump, Putin and Russia.

According to the media, Putin is Hitler, Trump is a traitor and Russia is our enemy. Naturally enough the Republican globalist establishment which fought to keep Trump out of the White House (and preferred Hillary Clinton to Trump) is siding with the Democratic Party and Leftist media pundits in lambasting Trump and calling for a hostile relationship with Russia. Never-Trumpster Senator John McCain was predictably one of the loudest and harshest voices in attacking Trump for his efforts to make peace with Russia.

From a Southern perspective, peace with Russia is to be welcomed for a number of reasons. Firstly, the US military is disproportionately a Southern-manned institution. While Northeasterners rarely sign up, young people from across the rural South flock to recruiting stations and fill the ranks of the American military. Therefore, in any war with Russia or its allies Southerners will do most of the fighting and dying. Why should Southerners die in a war urged on by John McCain and the Northeastern media establishment?

Secondly, the new Russia under Putin is a conservative regime which supports Christians in Syria (while John McCain supported Al Queda-allied Islamic terrorists) and immigration restrictionists in Europe (while McCain has attacked conservative parties that want to stop illegal immigration). Russia also clearly preferred Trump over Hillary Clinton – as did the large majority of Southern voters in 2016. Our ideological positions roughly align. Putin’s Russia shares much of the natural conservatism which prevails in Dixie (but not so much in Washington, DC or most of the USA outside of the South).

Thirdly, Russia has become a lightning rod issue which divides patriots from globalists. Invite-the-world/invade-the-world globalists such as John McCain would not only flood Dixie with tens of millions of Third World immigrants, but also send Southern soldiers off to war in the Ukraine, South Ossetia, Libya, Central Africa, Iran, Syria, the South China Sea and numerous other conflict zones around the planet. The “conservatism” of McCain is all but indistinguishable from the liberalism of CNN or The New York Times. They fundamentally agree on mass immigration at home and endless wars and nation-building abroad.

Southerners, most of whom voted for Donald Trump and the America First platform he championed, should avoid being overwhelmed by the liberal US media’s relentless and hateful attacks upon Trump and his efforts towards good relations with Russia. When has the US media ever had our interests at heart? They never have. Now is the time to make peace with Russia, stand up in defiance of the media and drive globalists such as John McCain out of the Republican Party.

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