/Our GOP/ Strategy

Any white identitarian will tell you the existing power structure is designed to keep a white identitarian out of power. In the short run they can “hide their power level,” but that requires discretion and risk taking. In the long run, White identity politics will be more than elections and polls.

Most whites vote Republican and the vast majority of Republicans are white. That means even though White people right now don’t all share GOP/conservative values, but most of your conservatives will be white. The PoC identify conservatism with whiteness and whiteness with their oppression. Think about what you are “conserving” in the eyes of these racialist non whites. Americana is akin to Nazi imagery to them and the Founding Fathers are the NSDAP. It isn’t helped by the fact that the Founders were literally racist. Not “Asians are bad drivers” racist but, “the negros are intellectually and morally inferior” level racist. Any loyalty or admiration you have for them is racist. All attempts at retconning history to make the Founders out to be egalitarian or at least “tolerant” are easily debunked. All of this is the wedge.

As the racial electoral divide widens you will see GOP vs DNC turn into proxy White v PoC voting before it turns explicitly racial. Your “conservative” values will just be labeled White values. At this point they will functionally be White values because the PoC will use the power of the state to rob and disarm you. If there is no opposition to the PoC agenda, you will see the United States turn into Zimbabwe.