Poolside Pranks

The ease and proliferation of modern video technology is proving a double-edged sword during this sweltering summer. The upside would certainly be police body cameras. Unfortunately for former BLM activists, these devices have a strange tendency to catch Negros doing things that justify getting shot by the cops. I’ve heard hilarious complaints like: “But dat boi ain’t even pulled no trigga yet!”

The comments on these videos reveal the average Dindu isn’t even aware that simply pointing a gun at the police is ample grounds for getting shot dead. Apparently, they expect a justified shooting to begin with the violent criminal firing at cops first. According to Dindu logic, they’re supposed to exchange volleys like it’s the fucking Battle of Waterloo or something. At any rate, it’s tough for the MSM to incite national outrage when white normies can actually see the footage.

The result is what we saw recently in Chicago: a two-night chimpout that’s over and done. There’s no grounds for outside forces to come in and whip up a frenzy nationwide. Moreover, these agitators learned that their BLM terrorist rampage didn’t end in triumph, but rather served as a catalyst for Trump’s electoral victory. Malevolent actors of the Soros variety are reluctant to finance the organization of another movement because the carnage has proven so counterproductive. In the end, Saint Skittles has proven a far more useful figure to the forces of reason.

That anger still has to go somewhere. So, it’s moved on from cops and phantom Nazis to normal white folks. These poor souls have suffered the grave misfortune of simply demanding that a Negro follow a simple law, community facility rule, or basic standard of decency while being filmed. Since it’s summer, many of these incidents are happening at a pool, and usually one where the offending Dindu doesn’t even belong. The result has invariably been for the white people to be promptly fired from their jobs and forced to hide their families in the face of death threats.

I tend to chuckle at some of these. They’re not as bad as the one last year where an old lady got body-slammed by a trespassing “teen” at her pool. In my mind, most of these people who just had their lives wrecked would probably condemn one of our guys to a similar fate for protesting on their behalf at the Charlottesville Ambush. What the normie cannot comprehend is that when you fail to hold the line for sanity, it keeps falling back until eventually your own life is overrun. When your time comes, you will be dispensed with by your fellow Whites in a manner free of reason or mercy.

We’re now at a point where any white person can be fired for a completely-justified negro interaction, even if the opposite party is demonstrably at fault. Is that fair? Nope, that’s crazy. As the recession of sanity proceeds unopposed, more and more people will be engulfed.

Those evil Alt-Righters aren’t on the streets anymore. Look who are the targets now.

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