Anti-Southern Hate

I think one of the problems that people in the South fail to understand is how much they are bitterly hated. The average Southern man wants to try to ignore and act like this hate is just friendly kidding but, in reality, when you pull away the curtain this “nation” hates us. It goes far beyond the visceral propaganda campaign of the lying media. Anyone who’s ever read a public history book should be able to see that the South, throughout all of history, is portrayed as the enemy to “progress” and “equality.”

We are portrayed in the media either as backwards hicks or bloody thirsty “racist” hell bent on genocide. “Racism” according to the media is the ultimate evil in this world , far worse than murder, rape, kidnapping and pedophilia. The lefties, fully and zealously, believe these lies and propaganda, which explains why they are trying to erase any sense of Southern Identity. This is what “Rainbow Confederates” fail to see. They think that by arguing that they will some how change these anti-Southern radicals minds.

These people seek to wipe us out. They want us erased and our ancestors graves desecrated. If they can attack us through mass harassment, they will. Just look at the fate of the late Andrew Dodson. These people are our mortal enemies. This isn’t some sort a game or even proxy war. I have no doubt in my mind these hordes of anti-Southern hating  scum would tear down every single statue and monument. They wouldn’t hesitate for a second to dig up our ancestors and desecrate their bodies. These people view us as inbred subhumans who have committed the most evil crime of “racism,” which in their minds is worthy of the punishment of death. These people want to see us run out of the South and totally replaced. Some of them actually truly believe we are inbred trash, just like in the movies. These people are committed to seeing us stripped of our land, memory and our bond to our ancestors. 

It’s a meme, but they do really hate us.

We should be just as determined to retake the Southland, with all this in mind, if not more so. Instead of discouraging us, we should let these lowly hostile attacks harden our resolve . If our people get doxxed, we should come together to support them and take them in. We should be willing to do whatever it takes to help our people.

We should be willing to give everything up for our cause. Our ancestors charged into cannon fire filled with sharp bits of shrapnel to gain Southern Independence, against the hostile invaders from the North. We should keep this in mind and try to have the iron determination that they had. We should raise our children and kin to be determined Southern Nationalist. We should fully embrace Southern Identity.

Let our posterity know how much we are hated and let that fuel them into becoming dedicated Southern Nationalists. Only then, will we triumph over our vile reprobate enemies. Only then, will we finally be separated from the people who hate us with such cruelty. We love our people and traditions, but we should also hate those who hate us. So, in a way, I guess these vultures of the Left are right in saying we are “filled with hate.

We do hate, but we also love. Without hate, love is a meaningless slogan. We are Southerners. Our ancestors conquered and founded this country. Our ancestors beat back the Indians. Our ancestors defeated the British Empire. Our ancestors conquered half of Mexico. Our ancestors held off the U.S. Empire and their immigrant hordes and industrial might for four long years. Our ancestors then retook the South from vile greedy carpetbaggers and incompetent blacks. Our ancestors, grandparents and parents fought and made up the bulk of the fighting force of most of America’s imperial wars in the 20th century. We owe it to them.

The Left say we live in the past but, in reality, the past lives through us. Our ancestors and identity are nothing to be ashamed of. It’s foolish that these people think they can defeat us, we’re fighting for our homeland, history, blood and soil. That’s the most powerful thing in the world.

Continue hating us, it fuels us.