Retaking “Justice”

Words have lives of their own. Sometimes simple and unambiguous ones come to mean something else entirely through association. In some cases, they even start to mean the opposite. One such word is “justice.” The unwashed hordes milling about their lives worship “justice” as a virtue, but to ask most people what “justice” means will unleash a monotonous litany of grievances in need of address, virtually all of them stemming from complaints against straight Christian white men.

“Social justice” has enveloped the entire concept of justice to the point many of us feel uncomfortable even using the word. Appealing to “justice” seems to smack of the same desperation as pointing out the “soft bigotry of low expectations” and other (admittedly true) explanations as to why leftists are the real racists.

But we shouldn’t give up “justice.” We can’t give up “justice.” What the elite in our society call “justice” is nothing more or less than the most unjust and wicked miscarriage of righteousness the world has ever seen. It is “justice” that white men, having lifted the world out of the dim darkness of “mere survival” into the joys and bounty of civilization, surrender the civilizations they crafted to the uncivilized they were kind enough to share their gift with. It is “justice” that Christianity, having imbued meaning, generosity, fortitude, and joy in the hearts of those who heeded it, be either banished or neutered to become a meaningless, universalist, tautology of “god is love pleasure and love pleasure is god.” It is “justice” that men, in their courage, selflessness, and love for their wives, mothers, and daughters, be made slaves to women and demeaned, humiliated, and discarded every day. It is “justice” that our society elevates every sick perversion born in the darkest minds of a dark era to the act of selfless sacrifice and joy that is the marital union and bearing and raising of children.

From this, “justice” leaves a sour taste in many mouths. We’ve come to associate it with the inversion of the natural order. “Justice” is the “driving out” of nature that Horace spoke of. Our justice seeks the restoration of the natural order. Our justice is opposed to their “justice,” radically so in that their “justice” is the complete and polar opposite of true and genuine justice.

We must not surrender this word, but rather remember that their appeal to “justice” comes from a very real sensation in the societies we crafted that made justice so central in the first place. Our forefathers sought to live in accordance with the natural order and built their civilizations to this end. This resonates throughout our society, decaying though it is. The worse things get, the more we hear about “justice,” the masses not realizing the calls are tantamount to demanding more gasoline to extinguish the fire. But the beast is stirring and many grow weary of this brand of “justice” as people begin to recognize the further away from the natural order we get, the worse our lives and our societies become.

The people crying out for “justice” best be careful what they wish for, because when nature returns, it’s never pretty.

The Freikorps were World War I veterans raised as right-wing militias, to fight against the Soviet-backed German Communists attempting to overthrow the Weimar Republic.

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  1. Social is just another word for “not” or “none”.

    But we do need to claim our own stake in the word justice and start meming it bc claiming to have justice on your side is a huge powergrab. True justice? Real justice? Godly justice? Dixie justice? Southern justice?