Cody Wilson’s War

In 2013, United States Department of Justice sued Cody Wilson in an attempt to stifle the release of a 3D printed pistol. The government maintained that Wilson’s website, DEFCAD, was not merely a repository for bits of code. To hear the government tell it, the fact that some of the code hosted on the site, downloadable for free the world over, happens to be capable of guiding a 3D printer head in the exact motions required to make a firearm, was in and of itself, a literal distribution of a weapon outside US borders.

Wilson called the government’s bluff and last week he won big. The monetary sum was small. Less than $100,000. But the legal ramifications are so massive that they’re hard to comprehend.

Quoting Wired:

“Wilson and his team of lawyers focused their legal argument on a free speech claim: They pointed out that by forbidding Wilson from posting his 3-D-printable data, the State Department was not only violating his right to bear arms but his right to freely share information. By blurring the line between a gun and a digital file, Wilson had also successfully blurred the lines between the Second Amendment and the First.”

Let’s give the boy a hand.

It is no coincidence that the Right has long been the defender of the twin issues of the First and Second Amendments. They’re the crucial underpinnings to legally enshrining the laws of free men. It has been often stated that the Second Amendment exists as a safeguard against those who would deny the First. In defending one, we have always implicitly stood for the other, but now there has been a paradigm shift. Guns are now protected speech. Cody Wilson has forever tied guns to the most fundamental right we, as subjects of late American Empire, still maintain.

Try for a moment to wrap your head around that. Gone are the days of appealing to firearms ownership as a way of putting food on the table, a fun past-time, or a means of defeating tyranny. These appeals are still true and good, but what Wilson has done is actually transcend them and forever tie firearm ownership to one of the most essential human rights.

To be sure, I do not think that an action like this halts or even slows the decline of American empire. As I mentioned to a few our colleagues at a recent gathering, I think that the brilliance in what Wilson has done is to accelerate the pace of the game. It’s not enough now for the Left to feign “reasonability” and claim they only want to limit the magazine capacity of your Fully Semi-Automatic Babykiller. For the Left to continue its assault against the Second Amendment, they must fully remove the mask of their anti-free speech aims. While I’m not prone to collapsitarianism, I can acknowledge that the colossus of the American Empire is reaching critical mass for a fall.

Wilson’s lawsuit is a stone aimed straight at the temple of our foe.

As Southern Nationalists, we are trained to never give a whit about anything happening in the great DC swamp. I don’t know whether Wilson – an Arkansan living in Texas – shares our politics. It hardly matters. Cody Wilson just did more for Southern Nationalism than any dues paying member of any organization, and in the process he has provided a counter-point to the notion that we should abstain from engaging the system at every front.

His lawsuit is a textbook case in asymmetrical warfare. With less than a million dollars, a few years of blood, sweat and tears, Wilson has taken on the Brady Campaign, a slew of gun-grabbing politicos, hostile media, and our very own United States Department of Justice, and he’s won one for all of us. If you can truly judge a man by the enemies that he makes, no one is more /our guy/ than Cody Wilson. Wilson didn’t drain the limited funds of the movement for a lawsuit over a threatened skinhead march.

He did it without getting himself or anyone arrested, he didn’t have to face down an anarcho-tyrannical street mob, and he didn’t engage in a single trailer park brawl over optics. What white nationalist group can you say that of? What advocacy group? Cody Wilson gave up a promising career in law to give us untraceable firearms as a fundamental, enshrined right. The NRA can’t even stand up for a friggin’ bump-stock. Most importantly, he didn’t do it for his own media profile. He did it for us.

In the years to come, we have a lot of work ahead of us. We should pause in this moment and celebrate an unmitigated victory.

– Dixie Anon

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