Preventable Trauma

Last week, I came across a typical story in the news. Sportsball star LeSean McCoy beat the brakes off his light-skinned girlfriend (apparently he also beat his dog into kidney failure). It featured a disturbing photo of her face. If the headline over it had read “This woman just survived a plane crash,” I’d have believed it.

It’s only natural that a race which inflicts such incredibly disproportionate violence on the rest of America would also do that sort of thing at a similar rate to their significant others. Nor is it baffling as to why. It’s been well documented that such traits as low-IQ, poor future-time orientation, and a lack of impulse control lead to wanton violence.

What baffles me is why a White woman would want to date one of them. Whenever I see a such a couple I wonder to myself: was she misguided due to watching The Kardashians or some insurance commercial? Perhaps, subconsciously, she’s looking to contract an STD and get a thorough beating. It’s tough to understand the pathology of people who aren’t right in the head.

It goes without saying that black people tend to be quite dangerous. Metaphorically speaking, as a group they’re like an asteroid belt that bashes into anything with which it comes into contact. Thus, the more you involve one of them in your personal life, the higher your risk profile becomes.

Here in America, there’s a blue collar motto: If you burn the coal, you’ll pay the toll. Some might call it crude or offensive, but reality exists all the same. It’s a bit like saying: Hey, don’t light that cigarette while you pump gas! If you ignore common sense, there can be some very ugly consequences.

Fortunately for Europe, they didn’t have to deal with this sort of thing until recently. Consequently, awareness of this issue is rather low. That’s not a good thing. Here’s a couple of truly appalling stories from the continent. These two Europeans burnt that coal, and boy did they pay the toll:

In Britain, a 29-year old from Holland was in a relationship with a 48-year old South African woman (HIV-positive and convicted of benefits fraud). Once it hit the rocks, she broke things off by melting his face with acid. He was in such horrendous pain that neighbors figured his inhuman howls were just a fox fight until they saw that his face looked like it had been “dipped in clay.” After 15 months of agony, he committed assisted suicide in Belgium.

A German woman took her African romance much farther, having 2 children with an illegal immigrant from Niger. Once that came to an end, her ex became enraged over a custody dispute. She pleaded for protection from the police, but to no avail. Eventually, he reached closure in a very African fashion, by stabbing her to death and decapitating their infant in a crowded train station.

Europeans are going to have to learn what’s been known for centuries on this side of the Atlantic: If you want to avoid trouble, you’d better stick with your own kind. It’s a shame that these two brutal crimes happened, but what makes them exceptionally tragic is that they were easily preventable by common sense.

Look, relationships can be hard enough as it is. But, if you don’t want barbaric savagery to be an element of yours, then don’t burn that coal. You could pay with your life.