Beaches, Barbecues and Bullets

For white folks, the 4th of July is a chance to gather with family and friends to celebrate our national heritage. Yep, ain’t nothin’ better on a warm evening then a barbecue and a cold beer. I’m from Tidewater, Virginia. It’s a coastal region, so one of the best places to celebrate is at the beach. However, not all beaches are the same. There’s a wretched hive of scum and villainy known as the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Most locals tend to avoid the place after dark, but I just skip it altogether in favor of a longer trip down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Why? Lot’s of bad things occur there. Mostly, it’s just your garden-variety “wildin” when our dusky co-inhabitants become excited and start attacking whites they find along the street. It’s not a distinctly local phenomena, nor is one that the local news deems worthy of documenting.

Once a year, things tend to get much worse. The area has the misfortune of drawing an annual celebration originally named “Greekfest”. Rather than a time to sample culinary delicacies such as stuffed grape leaves, it’s actually an opportunity for black “college students” to commit mayhem.

Sometimes they get really out of hand. In 1989, numerous people were shot and roughly 100 businesses were damaged or looted as the crowd chanted “Too black, too strong!”. Decades later, the local media still attributes responsibility to white people for nebulous reasons they can’t articulate.

wypipo caused this in ’89

That was merely the worst instance, but it continues to this day despite the exasperation of local bad whites like myself. Naturally, the fault always lies with the city government for “not being welcoming” or “failing to provide enough activities”. The excuses never change, its just the violence that fluctuates in severity. The city has attempted to ameliorate the situation through such impotent gestures as posting “no profanity” signs on the telephone poles.

Surprisingly, this year the 4th of July took the cake. From the sleepy town of Emporia, a Dindu by the name of Ladarious made the trip all the way out to the Oceanfront and ended blasting 6 people for no apparent reason whatsoever. It’s been speculated that he was involved in a dispute and then just began shooting randomly. His victims accounted for nearly half of the 11 people shot around “da 757” that evening.

This just one out of countless examples of why we just can’t have nice things post-segregation. Next year, maybe I should spend my 4th of July on a fortified White Nationalist survival compound out in Idaho. Hopefully, it will at least have a swimming pool.