The Balkanized States of Former America?

If we haven’t realized it by now, 2016 shifted the paradigm in politics.  President Donald J. Trump showed the Right that they could change the tide and avert a disaster lying in wait with Hillary.  I’m going to give you a couple minutes if you’re a believer in “Russian Collusion,” and recommend you go ahead and take your blood pressure medication and realize its 2018, not 1988.  Moving past that whimsical fairy tale that RINOs and leftists like to tout out like some holy writ, lets discuss second and third order effects.

We have seen political violence on both sides, with one corner being explicitly supported by the (((Pravda))) and the Blue Check egalitarians.  Some folks would have us believe that a shooting war isn’t far off.  If you’ve read your Matt Bracken and Kurt Schlichter, and you should have by now, those warnings are quite plausible.

The Left will not let this go, and some of my associates on social media have pointed out that liberals have footholds in places we wouldn’t normally consider as hospitable to their kind.  They can now, in a blind Trump Derangement Syndrome fueled rage, bend Southern state legislatures to their will by harnessing the black vote and the middle class cucked white vote.  Yes, cucked might be a harsh term, but I don’t care.  People need to be shaken from their pop culture-induced comas and get inside the opposition’s OODA loop.  That wording is purposeful, for opposition to your freedoms and culture comes from people with an (R) behind their name as well.

Now, before you say, “Yo James, whats this gotta do with balkanization?”, I’ll get right to it.  Going with a generous estimate, HRC won at least 487 out of 3,141 counties.  Lets bust out the calculator.  487 is 15.5 percent of 3,141.  If you’re from North Carolina, you already know the Raleigh area, as well as, Asheville went blue, because liberals like their statism, as much as, they like low costs of living compared to the shitholes they migrated from.  Ohio, urban blights like Cleveland/Akron/Toledo, in addition to Cincinnati and Columbus, all swung blue.  Eight counties – out of Ohio’s 88.  Two examples, but you can undoubtedly find more if you look.  Interestingly enough, most gun control laws in those respective states come from those same cities.

Enough with the micro analysis, let’s go macro.  So back to the 15 percent again.  Lets dress this up for your normie neighbors so you can give it to them in a flavor that’s easy to digest.  You’ve got 100 people at an annual summer cookout.  Everyone is eating whatever portions they desire, plenty to go around of whatever is being served.  Now, let’s say 15 of those people decree, “Nope, sorry Brenda, you can’t have potato salad because reasons.”  The other 84 people couldn’t care less what you do, and some of them are being denied their right to tasty potato salad as well.  Even worse, they decided that there wont be any potato salad allowed ever again.  So say you suck it up and don’t partake, then peacefully leave when the cookout has concluded, what now?

Novel idea: To hell with their summer cookout, take your 84 non-potato hating friends and start your own cookout.

Kurt Schlichter hinted at Balkanization in his book’s People’s Republic and Indian Country.  In People’s Republic, the states along the entire I-5 corridor are a de facto nation unto themselves.  The Great Lakes region, as well as the adjoining Northeastern states, are also a nation, joined contiguously with the freedom loving sections of America, but leading vastly different paths.

Mr. Schlichter’s ideas appealed to me when I read his book over a year ago;  and, leave it to California to be the litmus test for such a concept.  The State of Jefferson, an initiative that has been around Northern California for quite some time, has sought to break up the stranglehold that the leftist liberal enclaves have on the rest of the state.  I can’t find any decent reason why Jefferson can’t be the 51st state.  Typical excuses talk about dividing infrastructure or Congress needing to approve or the balance shifting in the electoral college.  In other words, the same people who think you have to vote on a bill before you can see what’s in it, are in essence denying agency to people who feel, and rightly so, neglected by their state legislatures.  This is pure legislative laziness and lacks vision and an eye for efficiency and, most importantly, freedom of the citizenry.  Still think these people have your best interests at heart?  Dumb question, you already know they don’t.

Sure, splitting up the states will be troublesome, but states already share distinct legislative identities and nuance.  What is so wrong about going a step further and isolating, say, Raleigh from the rest of the Tarheel state?  After all, the paratroopers living in Fayetteville don’t share the same statist sentiments as the Trader Joe globalists up in Chapel Hill.  What possible reason do we have to deny them agency?

I know not what the Balkanized States of Former America will turn out to be if it came to that, but we owe it to ourselves to consider and discuss the merits of such a concept.

Maybe bring it up at the next cookout over some cold potato salad.

-By James Dove