Cage the Atlanta City Bird

We all should know, by now, that the urbanite is a problem. The “city bird” (as I like to like to call them) needs to be caged. What do I mean by caged? I mean they need to be stopped from expanding into surrounding areas. This mass expansion has become a massive problem in Georgia, where Atlanta has been expanding for years. Many pea brained people think this is great and wonderful and means more money (that’s the scalawager mentality for you, always about money).

In reality, the expansion of Atlanta means a deathblow to the rest of Georgia. Atlanta itself is a enclave of blacks, transplants and queers. Socially it contains a soulless nihilistic way of life based off of consumerism. Politically it’s a hotbed of cultural Marxism and anti white sentiment. 

Demographically, it has actually somewhat improved though, only due to the 1996 Olympics which forced out the blacks in the projects, but still remains a vile “mixing pot” with the few whites being self hating. Economically, it’s kept alive by GOP “business friendly” laws and by big corporations which will probably soon out source or start using AI within a decade. Most of metro Atlanta is reliant on big leftist corporations to keep it afloat. This is actually a major weakness, as now the ((marxist)) controlled companies know they can strong arm the state through threats of economic blackmail if we try to keep the degenerates in check.

This is why the gays and blacks at Georgia Tech were basically able to have a mini riot in 2017 over some suicidal homo who rushed the police and was gunned down (good riddance to bad rubbish). The rabid leftist vermin actually were allowed to burn a police car to appease their tantrum. Had the conservatives who control the state’s general assembly and the governor actually had a pair, they would have used this as the perfect opportunity to crack down on the urbanite trash and “Crush the Urbanite.”

Atlanta also manages to be a major resource eater and produces nothing but your typical meaningless cosmopolitan trash. I should note the Atlanta and metro Atlanta’s population only grows so fast because of outsiders, whether Yankee transplants or Third World gutter garbage, or even the occasional Cali-Soy boy. This collective of lessers has managed to slowly turn the state purple and even taken over some cities in metro Atlanta, turning them as soulless as Atlanta itself.

The radical Marxist Latinos are allowed to stay here and grow by weak-knee GOP politicians and quisling Democrats. These browns, especially the younger ones, are becoming more anti-white by the hour. The reason I bring them up is because the only reason they are able to stay is because of the urbanites. Whether “conservative” or “liberal,” these Atlanta based cosmopolitans always have a weak feminine stance on the immigrants. 

Now, they even talk about electing the first black woman governor in a final act of grand virtue signaling. This all brings me to the the conclusion that we “Must Cage the City Bird.

We must cage these commie bastards.

We cannot let Atlanta grow any longer or else be consumed by hostile outsiders and degenerates. We must stop feeding the mass of slimy unproductive riffraff of Atlanta. The rural areas of Georgia should refuse to hand over any food to Atlanta. The General Assembly needs to pass social conservative bills that will bring a confrontation with the leftist corporations and then, this time, refuse to cuck. We need to tell Amazon we don’t want them in Georgia. We need to pass immigration laws that stop outsiders from moving into Georgia. The police need to be given the abilities to deport and heavily punish illegals. We need to stop allowing people from out of state (especially, from the North and West Coast) to even move to Georgia. It’s our home, not yours.

This all seems unlikely to happen, but it doesn’t mean we should cease to bring up real solutions. When you make bold demands for the moon, you’ll usually get a ship and fuel to take you there.

This is the opposite of what the neoconservatives do. They instead ask for half-measures and will compromise at the drop of a dime. That’s why the “progressives” are constantly gaining ground. We must must do away with weakness like this and take a decisive and firm action against the enemy. That means we break with the typical conservative pro-urbanization talking point.

We must Crush the Urbanite and Cage the City Bird.