Ignore the Charlatans, Build Something Better

I was attending Sunday morning service and honestly found myself a bit angered and slightly disgusted by what I was seeing. We had the typical missionary guest show us a video about his mission work in the Middle East and then preach a very forgettable sermon to us. This hyper-obsession with missionaries, as well as, various other characteristics of modern Evangelical churches, especially here in Dixie, has contributed greatly to our destruction.

Since the end of World War 2, Southern, and American in general, Christianity has taken on a new purpose. It has abandoned its responsibility of supporting and lifting up its people and community through Christ. Evangelicals have made it their goal to Christianize the Third World, live in comfort, abandon their people, destroy their history, grovel at the feet of (((the Chosen))), and oppose Natural Law as God has designed it. They prefer to fund mission trips for young, bored, adventurous white girls to go on and missionary expats to Syria or the Congo. Meanwhile, their fellow Southron faces the world with no identity, community foundation, education system, or any infrastructure whatsoever to aid them in their fight against their own demographic destruction. These young whites don’t even know that they have a genocide being carried out against them to begin with. Any attempts to red pill the average Evangelical on reality is met with misquoted scriptures about loving others.

The simple fact of the matter is that Evangelicals have abandoned their own people. They’ve failed to stop the degeneracy that consumes us (when was the last time you heard a sermon preached on abstinence until marriage). They’ve failed to halt their own decline in numbers. They’ve failed to effectively preach the Gospel to the masses. Most importantly, they’ve failed their own people. Churches care more about virtue signaling, adopting third-worlders, preaching the Gospel only to third-worlders, ignoring the reality of nature (differences between races, gender roles, etc.) as God has created it, refusing to learn their own history, and condemning their people for past sins of (false) racism. They’re pathetic. George Wallace, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson were all superior Christians than these cucks, even if they were a bunch of supposed “racists.”

We need a foundation. The South will continue to be invaded by carpetbaggers, we will continue to be flooded with immigrants, we will continue to lose our monuments, and we will ultimately be driven out of our cities. Things will get worse before they get better, and the only way to survive this is through each other.

We must build communities from which our people can survive similar to that of places like Orania, South Africa, and those communities must be grounded in our own churches. What is being taught to young Christians today is not true Christianity. We cannot take over existing institutions. We must begin building now or face total destruction. The internet simply isn’t enough to save us.

-By Joe WASP


  1. Just putting people within a few miles of each other doesn’t make them a community. You cannot have a real community in the holistic sense without a common race, language and religion.

  2. Probably one of the best articles I’ve ever read.What we have are false Christians who have taken over and destroyed our churches.Their worship and subservience to the atheist Jews gives us all a big hint as to where things started going wrong.The chosen people are not the Satanic Jews(John 8:44)but are those who follow the Master Jesus.Even as a young person the whole obsession with foreign missions struck me as self-defeating and leftist.Like Ann Coulter said,lets quit sending people to third world countries to bring back Ebola and instead just convert one Hollywood mogul.Ann’s smart,she knows the controllers are all Jews.And the more recent(last 20/30 years)foreign adoption craze among so called Christians lets me know they have truly lost all rational thinking.I consider the South Baptist Convention as it now stands to be a nest of anti-White hatred and to be working in league with Satan.They hate Whites,Southern culture,any White heritage and love mass immigration,legal or illegal,radical Blacks and race mixing.This Southern Baptist only needs the White race and the Jesus keys,not some phony organization that is Christian in name only.God bless you all and never give up belief in victory.I keep a note taped above my pillow which says”Satan you are already defeated,you were defeated by Jesus on the cross”Remember that and aways keep the faith.

  3. Because we are Orthodox, and because an Orthodox church is very far away from The Northeastern North Carolina swamplands, where the wife and I live, we spent a couple of years going to a very rural Freewill Baptist church.

    To be clear, there were a lot of fine people there, and the reverend, himself, is a godly man.

    Yet, the reverend just passes along what The Southern Baptist Denomination wants him to convey to the church, and that is ‘diversity’ and foreign missions’.

    After a while, I when I would see a White Face, on the films of missions he showed one Wednesday Nights, I started to point it out, which made my other classmates laugh, though, a bit nervously.

    Of course, this church has never had a single Negro member, so why they put up with all the propaganda pushing transracial adoption, African Missions, or why they would have been nervous to have someone mention race, is beyond me, but, they were.

    Very old-fashioned people, but, as well, very hamstrung by political correctness, and the lethargy which keeps them accepting curriculae from Dr. Moore, as opposed to constructing their own, as did their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents in the church, which was establisht in the 1870s!