SCOTUS, Abortion, and the Hard Truth

Over the course of the week, you’ve no doubt heard of Kennedy the turncoat’s impending retirement and the hysterics of the Left over the thought that Trump could stuff another evil white man into the court. They’re caterwauling that their beloved judicially-installed cultural staples, like abortion, will get overturned under the the eyes of a majority-conservative court. To their great consternation, they had not even anticipated dealing with the replacement of Kennedy, thinking the evil crone Ginsburg would croak or relent first. Of course she’s still a reliable bet for near-future retirement.

Of all the leftists causes that were installed by Sanhedrin edict, the one that found its way onto the lips of leftists last week was abortion. They seem adamantly convinced we’re one bad ruling away from “forced birth” or whatever over-the-top pathos-ridden word salad they’ve cobbled together to make a woman bearing her child to term sound like a stint in a Viet Cong POW camp. As much as I’m enjoying the rage, the tears, and the terror, I hate to tell them their fear is misplaced.

A lot of us on the Far Right came here from traditionalist religious backgrounds, whether it’s independent Baptist, anti-Episcopal Anglicanism, or conservative Catholicism. Although racial awareness and other truths we hold to be self-evident don’t occur to them, we could always count on the thought leaders of these groups to come down on the correct side of the “kill your child” question. Except, as it turns out, that was mostly lip-service. During the presidential election of 2016, Trump was given a very loaded hypothetical question regarding whether he’d prosecute mothers who tried to kill their children if abortion was illegal, and he answered that he would follow the letter of the law. “Conservative” Christians who have made careers of “pro-life” activism came out of the woodwork to condemn him.

You see, pro-life activism for most people is yet another safe outlet for “rebellion.” In reality, it’s the only safe outlet for white conservative Christians. Homosexuality is the law of the land and you’re risking your future for stating plain and obvious truths about it in the public sphere. Pro-life activism carries very little stigma, which is why so many evangelicals wear it proudly as a badge of honor against “the system.” I could spill a lot of ink on how our mainstream Christianity has totally capitulated to the evil culture and constantly burns incense to Caesar, but evangelicals will rebut that their opposition of abortion means they’re a bad week away from getting tossed to the lions.

The problem is that virtually nobody on the Established Right is comfortable pushing forward with any ground we gain on pro-life issues, and so the war against abortion is almost an entirely symbolic struggle. We’ve had “Religious Right” R presidencies with control of both houses before (W’s first term comes to mind) who haven’t gained any ground at all with limiting or even defunding infanticide in the US. The benevolent way of seeing it is that they’re the dog that caught the proverbial car and didn’t know what to do with it. The cynical view is that, like all of the other “values” you hear from the mainstream right, the only thing these men and women care about is ensuring compliance with the elite. If you think you can expect anything different from them, you still haven’t fully come to terms with the world around you.

As usual, the Right guards the status-quo, perhaps with a nostalgic eye for a few years ago. You can expect leadership in the mainstream pro-life alliance among evangelicals, Roman Catholics, and liturgical protestants to come out against any limitations on abortions that they deem too unfair to the mothers trying to snuff out the lives of their progeny in a fit of solipsistic sociopathic selfishness. After all, they’re the real victims in this. If the mainstream Right is going to be made to do the right thing on abortion, as with immigration, it will be because the Far Right forced them into a position where they had to choose between the base they have been lying to or the special interests they actually take their orders from.


  1. I was antiabortion until I found out negroes were overrepresented. I spent a lot of time researching the stats to confirm and found that blacks and hispanics get abortions at much higher rates than whites. From there it was a matter of putting 2+2 together on some other points. The stats only count the race of the mother so it is no small leap to presume many of the fetuses being aborted are mixed race. Then of course the white babies being aborted are disproportionately going to be the children of tramps, drug addicts, prostitutes and far left loons like the ones holding the signs in the lead image above. Then out of the small number of actual quality women that show up in abortion clinics many if not most of them are there because the baby has some severe defect. It is easy to calculate from average maternal age and from the total number of Down’s Syndrome babies being born to confirm that many women are opting to abort their DS babies. Abortion on demand is one of the biggest breaks we could ask for aside from forced sterilizations or -um- other alternatives.

    I have gotten in multiple arguments with those who deny the eugenic nature of today’s abortion policy. They will deny, deny, deny no matter how hard you rub their noses in sound logic and statistical evidence and the argument becomes exceedingly protracted.

    So I found a more efficient argument: Do you think high quality women get abortions at the same rate as low quality women? So far I have had a 100% track record of my opponent refusing to answer the question no matter how hard I press it. Of course they still don’t concede but that would be asking a bit much of them.

    I have met lots of people who should have never been born. How about you?