Get Involved In Your Church

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding being a better man, becoming a leader in your community and the benefits of going to church. I know there are a lot of good young men in the Dissident Right that want all those things, but are asking themselves, “how do I get started, the guys that are talking about it are settled and are already embedded in their communities and know the ins and out?” In reality, we all started somewhere and there is no magical starting point from which we can launch ourselves into being ‘the better husband, better father, better neighbor, better community organizer, etc.

While there is no magical jump-off point there are common threads that most community pillars share. The following are things that ANYONE can do and it will benefit not only you but your community, thereby affording you (with time) the stature and influence you desire. Today we fill focus on Step 1.

Step 1 – Your New Church Family

1) The Bible says in Proverbs 18:24 (KJV) “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly…“, it all starts here. You can go to church, but if you come late and leave early you may gain a close relationship with God but you’ve not accomplished anything else. Come early. Sunday school is the best way to meet peers and create long term friendships (in addition, more of the Bible is generally taught here than in the ‘main’ service).

Introduce yourself. If you’re no good at “small talk” then always remember that a persons’ favorite subject is themselves. Ask questions, then follow-up questions to show that you’re listening. It is a habit that we all have, at times, to be waiting for whomever to stop talking so we can add our experiences to the subject at hand. Be interested in the person though, the subject may not interest you at all. Remember, the simple conversation is not the goal, making a friend is.

Once you’ve been in the church of your choosing for a short time, you will become aware of the needs within the church: people that are sickly [shut-ins] and need dinner brought to them; a church picnic needs planning; the man that usually mows the church lawn has a broken mower and the church is in need of a good trim. There are literally a thousand things of which you will become more and more aware as you get to know your new family. Unfortunately, there are few that DO THE WORK necessary to make your church work. There is nothing that will set you apart from your peers faster than putting in the work. Remember, it is the work that no-one sees that is the most important. You can always tell the person that has the buttons on their shirt about to bust because they are so proud of themselves. Learn to enjoy the ‘thankless’ work for it will be what benefits you the most, whether it be in teaching you patience (and believe me it will) or to be a servant (no great leader was a terrible servant) or to gain influence within your church for good (which is a goal).

The reason I phrase it the way I do, (gain influence for good) is because there are always people trying to gain influence for selfish purposes, which is not in the best interest of the Church. The Church will be your second family. Guard it as such, because the people in the church will be there for you when your child is sick, when your children go off to college, when you’re in the hospital getting your gall bladder taken out or when your wife or family member passes away. These people WILL be there for you and it is your duty to treat them as you would a family member because surely if you follow the suggestions in this article they will become such.

If you are a young man beginning your life and do not have a family, the Church is THE best place to find a lifelong mate. In general, the young ladies that have been reared in church are well versed in being a home-maker and less influenced by the degenerate world around them. Not to say all young ladies in your church are the epitome of virtue and sainthood, but the likelihood of you finding a proper counterbalance to you is much greater to be found here than in a bar or night club. There are always exceptions to the rule, but more often than not, the old adage, “The family that prays together, stays together” is something you can take to the bank.

In sum, it is important to remember your ultimate goals: surrounding yourself with men of good stature, your wife engaged with women of good moral character, your children around other children who honor their parents and share a biblical compass, to gain influence for GOOD, and most importantly, to strengthen your relationship with God.

This is the best starting point and guide for your path to being a better man, but there are MANY more ways to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

-By Baptist Chad


  1. We have recently moved back into this area. Our original plan was to be here for six to eight months, then return to a small town to the West of us and buy a house. But, we began to attend regularly at a small church where we had visited a couple of years ago. The people are plain folk, the pastor unpolished, the church-house itself unadorned and needing work. And we have genuinely fallen in love with it, and them. The church bell rope is pulled at just before 1100 every Sunday, announcing to the surrounding community that church is in session, that God is amongst His people, so you’d better get on in here.

    The people have accepted us as friends, the pastor even telling us that we could park and live in our RV on church property, should it become necessary.

    We stand amazed in the presence…