Unequal Things Cannot Be Made Equal

The ideas which made this country are a function of the culture which made this country. You cannot take a foreign culture and plop it onto our soil and expect it to convert. If this were possible, then the peoples of the world could easily recreate what we have here. We wouldn’t have a centuries long record of failure trying to make the world in the image of the West. Some small handful of high agency, high value individuals can indeed do so. But they’re able to get visas the legal way because they offer value to the Western country they wish to immigrate to. We aren’t talking about them.

If the masses of non European countries were capable of westernization, they’d have done so already (Japan being a notable exception). The advantages are demonstrable and undeniable. That they cannot do so is made obvious by the fact that they come here to live off of Western society, rather than try to emulate it in their homes.

The peoples being foisted upon us now, either legally through refugee status or illegally through border jumping do not have anything in common with the European. Even if we forced them to adopt our mores, and we aren’t allowed to do that because racism, it wouldn’t take. Europeans couldn’t make Africa European in 400 years. Even longer in Latin America. In the latter case, you had multiple cultures operating in independent spheres: the European one of the ruling class, the mestizo hybrid, and the indio in the places where the Spaniard never made inroads. They literally have 500 years of practice with having an elite that is essentially foreign to them, culturally.

We have a choice. Defend the West where it exists, or stand idly by and watch it sink into the morass that is the rest of the world. Open borders accomplishes the latter. Unequal things cannot be made equal. The lot of the lesser might somewhat improve if allowed to glom onto its superior. But, the whole is weighed down by this, and eventually can no longer bear the strain. Particularly in a state where the new arrivals can vote themselves more stipends at the expense of the host.

I know where I stand.

-By Anon