Lamenting for Lee County

So back in Southwest Florida, the region where I grew up, there are people trying to change a name of a county. The county they’re trying to rename was named after none other then Robert E. Lee. Now, these people want to change the name of Lee County because, in their words, “Robert E. Lee is the image and poster boy for white supremacy.” Suffice it is to say, Lee likely never would have endorsed anything close to modern-day “muh white supremacy.” It’s a term even ID doesn’t really endorse because it’s been so tainted by the dregs of society and is the Left’s boogieman catchphrase. All that really matters is – he was a gentleman and man of profound honor, thus he must be destroyed in Weimerica.

Now, I was thinking to myself, as a 7th generation Floridian who has homestead ties to this region, how has this happened? How has 150 years of culture and tradition been turned upside down and damned. And, very unfortunately, I found my answer.

There are no more Floridians, it’s that plain and simple. It’s happening all over the South too. Look to Maryland, Virginia and, increasingly, North Carolina. We’re being displaced and simply vanishing. The majority of Florida residents are “transplants.” When was the last time you even heard a Florida accent? It’s deeply tragic when you think about it. A whole civilization and people just disappearing over a few generations through mass migration (both internal and external) and our post-industrial nihilistic pop culture dystopia.

For the transplants, the goal is to transform our home into their home. They come from all over, but many are your stereotypical New Yorkers (also, very Jewish). They have the gall to transform our state, change our laws, destroy our culture and call it “progress.”

I came across this gem about Stonewall Jackson Elementary changing its name because of its Confederate ties – not in Florida, but Texas. Know this, wars are not simply won with bullets and drone strikes. Wars can also be won by annihilating your enemies’ culture, traditions and the very essence of their collective soul. That’s what the Empire is currently doing and at breakneck speed. It’s not just my beautiful Florida, but the rest of Dixie too.

Instill Southern pride and tradition in your children, it’s really the only hope we have left.

– By Harley

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