You Know You’re Southern If….

You can remember catching lightnin’ bugs.

You know that different states have differing BBQ.

You’ve actually caught a crawdad with your bare hands.

Someone you know got all dolled up for a debutante ball.

The slam of a screen door will always make you feel at home.

You write “thank you” notes after attending social gatherings.

You understand “bless their heart” means someone’s got issues.

You know what is a “hissy fit” and that it doesn’t need to be “pitched“.

As a child you were grounded for not saying “yes, ma’am” and “yes, sir“.

You understand that talking to a complete stranger in public is just good manners.

You don’t realize how strong your Southern accent is until you travel up North.

You know that backyard bonfires and beer do facilitate the perfect nighttime parties.

You understand that last names are unnecessary when referencing Elvis, Dolly or Waylon and Willie.

You’ve experienced that sweet satisfaction from getting a big drop off the end of a honeysuckle.

You know that dumplin’, pumpkin, sugar, honey and sweetie pie aren’t always references to food.

You can remember taking a ride in the back of a pickup truck with your legs dangling off the open tailgate.

You know someone of nearly every Christian denomination and usually include a church while giving directions.

You knew someone who illegally painted his name late one night on a cement bridge or the town water tower,  i.e. “Billy Bob loves Sharlene”.

You understand that “Gimme some sugar” has nothing to do with the processed white sweetener.

Unlike other regions, in the South you have actually grown up around different races and people. That means that although you treat all folks with the respect they deserve; you also have enough personal experiences to understand that vast differences exist between peoples. Every true Southerner knows for absolute certainty that ONLY WE CAN BE US and you understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!