For the Ladies of the Far Right

It is an interesting place to be, a woman lingering in the alt-right. Most people on the outside would probably think that we are all barefoot, and pregnant at home waiting for our husbands with dinner at five, just like the good old days. While #Tradwife may be a #lifegoal, it is not always a realistic option for all of us. Some haven’t been lucky enough to find love yet. Some come to the Right after already making many mistakes in their youth.

Some were married, and are no longer, but still have children to care for. Some are just waiting for their man to pop the question. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t exclude the fact that even as women, we are still very much aware of the racial climate and the downturn of the communities we live in. Our goals and concerns fall in line with the Far Right. We despise feminism, and realize the wrongs it has done to us. Most of us would gladly give up our right to vote and to work, to allow our men the ability to once again make a living wage so we could stay home and care for our families. Women are happier when they have people and things to nurture and care for, but we know that already.

However, until the war is won, it may not be completely possible. With the economic climate the way it is today many of us still have to have jobs, and take care of the home. We must learn how to balance our “freedom” and feminine responsibilities. We have to go out into a world daily that tells us we should be like men, we should compete with men, we should earn like men, we should be better than men, we don’t NEED men. We have to cover up how we truly feel about the state of things and adapt, grin, and take it. Then we come home and try our damnedest to fall into the role of the perfect domestic goddess. We make dinner, we converse with our family and friends, and we go about whatever chores need to be done. Then we climb into bed to get as much beauty rest as possible before it starts all over again the next day. Lucky for us, women are resilient. We are made to multi-task and adapt, it is in our nature.

We could just be conservatives and ride the fine line like Lauren Southern or Faith Goldy. Yet, we are truly racial realists. We see the same things that the men of the Far Right see. We realize that our streets are unsafe for us to walk down alone, and also realize that it is a hard press to find a gentleman out there to walk you home. The men on the far right take notice of the statistics of rape and murder on white woman and are angered by them. WE ARE THE WOMEN BEING RAPED AND MURDERED by immigrants and minorities. WE should be OUTRAGED. Our daughters are targeted when they go to concerts, when they travel, when they just go outside. We are targeted in our very own cities, in our very own homes. The men on the Far Right are willing and ready to save their race, to save our culture, our civilization, to save us. We should be there to stand behind them and share our strength.

If we are going to be able to reach a time where we don’t have to be constantly terrified of what kind of world we may be bringing our children into, we as women need to WAKE UP. Yes, you may get emotional when you see a picture of an immigrant child in a “cage”, but you need to realize that it is for the greater good of your home and your children that we do not allow those who break the law to enter our country. We must be great partners, and great support systems for our men. This should be an easy task as we are wired to want our men and our homes to be happy.

We must allow them to be men, as WE MUST BE WOMEN. Men and Women are not equal. Not biologically, not emotionally, not physically, not rationally, the list goes on and on. We each have our own special strengths and weaknesses. As men, as women, even as individuals. We should be the pillars of our homes. We should be involved in our communities and doing everything we can to help clean them up just like our grandmothers before us. We should realize that feminism is the true toxic masculinity. We should not create more problems for our men, and should start becoming part of the solution. We should be great women of character, grace, intelligence, and charm. These feminine qualities are not something that should be discarded, or looked down upon, but should be revered. We must help to retake our home before it is too late.

**If you have a question, a concern, or if you have anything that you would like addressed please feel free to leave a comment on our blog and I will be happy to respond to anything I can. Starting a dialogue is the first step. **