Be Productive: Demographic Winter is Coming

Most people in this movement view it simply as a form of entertainment—no matter how serious they may claim to take it. Most Alt-Righters are indulging in diversion or looking for excuses to act irresponsibly. Some are even entertaining unhealthy fantasies to escape reality. Besides the few who make a living doing this, how many of us are producing something? People say they will die for this cause but they certainly will not work for it.

The laziest among us often have the most demands too. Apparently, the handful of producers are supposed to save everyone else. Well, Man is cursed to toil for his bread. You need to work for this.

I understand just wanting to have fun on the internet. It makes living in this American Wasteland more bearable. This was all just entertainment to me too… at first. Then, I started taking it seriously. If you think I’m mistaken for taking this seriously, then please hear my prophesy.

Most people do not realize this yet but there is a series of catastrophes on the horizon that are inevitable. No one is going to pay the national debt. No one is going to build the wall. No one is going to fix public schools or Hollywood or use the military to defend the country. All these institutions will simply collapse—though I’m sure their husks will linger on to seduce more of us into wasting our time on them.

I’m not talking about the kind of collapse that solves our problems either. The ice caps are going to melt and there won’t be enough food for all the screaming urbanites. Peak oil? You should worry about peak phosphorus (look it up). And what do you think Ebola-chan is going to do when Nigeria’s population surpasses the US in the next thirty years? Will you be in a nursing home being slapped around by third-gen Mestizos? I’m not sure all the young, military-aged brown people will take care of our old, white arses during the food riots. Demographic winter is coming. Oh, and yes, war is coming with it. As diversity and scarcity increases, the probability of war approaches certainty. The hits just keep on coming.

If you think that your money, your fairweather friends, or your amusements deserve your attention, then you’re wrong. The only thing that matters are our families and the people who help our families. That is our nation, not the alien body-snatcher called the US. Buying a house in a future ghetto doesn’t matter. Having kids trained to hate you means you lost your kids. Sex outside of wedlock doesn’t matter. Watching pozzed entertainment or impressing normies definitely don’t matter. Your job will replace you the moment you’re not useful. Most people you know would stab you in the back for a fat check from George Soros. The fool builds his house on sand and we’re even running out of sand for him to build on.

Let the dead bury the dead. Building our nation is the only thing that matters. Gather the remnant, forge the brotherhood, and build the ark because the flood is coming. You’re going to wish you didn’t act like a fool when this moment is past. When you complain to the Almighty about how tough you had it, He’ll tell you that He sent this movement so you could live in the land of the living. Take advantage of this and don’t let it just slip away.

You won’t be able to claim that you weren’t warned when the final curtain falls on the US.

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