Chicken Sandwich Progressivism

Chik-fil-A has made it’s way back into the headlines again after Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, ate there during Pride Month. He also received tweets condemning him for supporting a Christian business during Ramadan. Even though Chik-fil-A does not discriminate against LGBT employees or customers, or even Muslims, they still catch a lot of hate because of the CEO’s devout Christian beliefs.

In 2012, CEO Dan T. Cathy made statements about opposing same-sex marriage after it was discovered that Chik-fil-A’s charitable endeavour, the WinShape Foundation, donated large sums of money to foundations seen as “hostile” to LGBT rights. This led to protests and boycotts from LGBT activists and even business partners severing ties with the restaurant. Even with all the negative press, there was a flood of support from those with strong Christian values and sales rose 12%.

Even with the support and increase in sales after Dan T. Cathy’s remarks, Chik-fil-A still bent the knee to Globo-Homo. Cathy has been working with Campus Pride’s Shane Windmeyer since 2012, the WinShape Foundation ended donations to all but one foundation viewed as “hostile” by the LGBT community, and Chik-fil-A remained open on Sunday and served free food to people donating blood after the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando, Florida.

While your average person would say that Chik-fil-A has paid their debt to Globo-Homo, they are still under constant assault by LGBT activists. They’re not under attack because of the views their CEO previously espoused and made efforts to amend, but because they represent what the left hates most: white Southern Christian values. This assault will not stop until the leadership of Chik-fil-A has thrown their beliefs to the wind and becomes a progressive powerhouse for the Left and Globo-Homo.

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