Welcome to 2045

Looking back ten years, if you had asked me what the future looked like, I would have given you a radically different answer than the one that I would give you today. I would have spoken of flying cars, hologram communications, or any other technological advancement cherry-picked from my favorite Sci-Fi novel. I would have spoken of a world where people want for nothing. Often times, I wish I could return to that naivety. More frequently, however, I think of the reality of the future that we are heading toward now.

I think of what needs to be accomplished and I think of how far we’ve come. The simple fact is I don’t think of ideas lifted from a Phillip K. Dick novel any longer. Instead, I think of the impact that I will have on my children, the future I might provide for them, and how to fight back against impending progressive indoctrination, instructing them to hate themselves and tear apart their history.

As many are well aware by now, Whites are projected to be a minority in the US by the year 2045. In the country fought for and built by their ancestors on their ideas and their innovations, whites will represent the smallest part of it. It may be even sooner than 2045, at the rate we are going. How could this happen, some people may ask. Well, you only have to look at California to see it occurring already.

The state with one of the largest amounts of electoral votes is minority white and getting worse by the day, thanks to the unregulated mass illegal immigration into sanctuary cities. If that’s too easy of an example, look to Florida where immigrants are pouring in from Puerto Rico and changing the demographics, but also the culture. Miami, Florida saw the same transition with the large number of Cuban immigrants a while back and it’s becoming more and more difficult by the day to find an individual who even speaks English. Another fine example is the small town of Lewiston, Maine, whose Longley Elementary School saw demographics shift from 83 percent white in 2000 to 23 percent white in 2015. This rapid and radical shift is happening in a historically white state which, in 2000, had only 18 schools with fewer than 90 percent white student body, and jumped to over 50 in 2015, with 5 of them being under 50 percent white. Talk about culture shock.

To make matters worse, we do not even have the authority to speak of this in the mainstream unless, of course, you would like to be cast out from your normal social circles and slapped with the demeaning buzzword tag of the week (i.e. “bigot”, “racist”, “Nazi”… which one are we on now?). Every once in a while, Tucker Carlson can lightly tread on the subject, but even then it is followed with immediate outrage. The good thing is, we don’t care any longer. We are willing to do and say what normal individuals, perhaps out of fear of the aforementioned repercussions, will not. My question, however, is this: how far are those that try to silence us willing to take this? Do they truly believe that, through all of their virtue signaling and all of their efforts to rewrite their people’s history, they will be praised when they are also part of the minority? I’d bet my last dollar that even they will not be looked upon fondly.

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Time and time again, we have stated that the forceful rewrite of history would not stop with the South. We were adamant in explaining that the Confederate statues were the easiest targets and they would only be the first in the removal of statues honoring white heritage. The funny thing is, we didn’t even have to wait that long to see this warning fully realized. In October of 2017 a historic Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Virginia agreed to remove a plaque dedicated to George Washington, a prominent parishioner. The golden Joan of Arc statue in New Orleans was tagged with graffiti reading “tear it down” in May of 2017. In October of 2017, a Federal court ruled that the Peace Cross in Bladensburg, Maryland, erected by the American Legion in 1925 and dedicated to 49 men who died in World War I, was unconstitutional and must be removed.

If these hot topics are barely a year old, if even a year old, how do you see a future for whites by 2045? In our current society we are unable to stand up and fight for our rights; does anyone actually subscribe to the idea that relations are going to improve when we are practically phased out of a nation that our forefathers bled for? The reality of the situation is that we are the only ones fighting to turn this tide. We stand up against all the insults and propaganda hurled in our direction so that we may change this trajectory and avoid a path that is well within our lifespan. Not only that, but we strive to provide a better future for our children than the one that they will inherit now. A future that our forefathers would have been proud of generations ago.

Perhaps you refuse to acknowledge the anti-white narrative occurring at this time, but I am warning you now: in 27 years your children will not be able to escape it. They will not be able to live in blissful ignorance, satisfied with the righteous feeling that only virtue-signaling can provide, and getting by on whatever immoral trend is up for sale next. This, of course, is assuming you haven’t sworn off having children entirely in an attempt to further the crusade against while culture. 2045 will be a vastly different landscape than even we are accustomed to now. Degenerate behavior will run rampant through the streets, education will experience a decline tenfold (not that we are not experiencing a downward spiral anyway), and your children will be taught to hate even you for what they are. The idea of a future of cohesion is a myth and any individual who believes it is delusional. We are only useful until we are a minority and then we will no longer be needed. We will never be heard from nor thought of after that.

Time and time again, we repeat the same question: Which way Western man?