The Fallacy of Darwin’s Thinking Pattern: Part 2

In lieu of it’s own proclaimed definition, while we agree that men should be free to think as they deductively choose, what we cannot accept are conclusions made and continually held in direct contrary to observed facts. As discussed heavily in volume one of my most recently published work, “Reflections On The Loss Of The Freeborn American Nation,” when we observe a prevailing concern for the uninterrupted continuation of life on planet earth, locked away inside the very movements of earth, activities of the sun, the moon, and the planets beyond, then we are forced far beyond logic justifying resistance, to conclude that this observed “concern” possesses an originating source.

The mathematical complexities of planetary movement patterns conjuncting with both the radiance of the sun and the biorhythms of life on planet earth, could never have resulted from the act of random chance in absence of outside intelligence, no matter how much wealthy manipulating people may try and convince us otherwise; and when they do, we are forced to question the manner in which they and their self-serving intentions will be accommodated through our new conviction.

When we dare to question and inquire, there are many more truths that are revealed, and at often times, not to the liking of our central bankers and the enslaving systems of government that they fully intend to impose upon the plebeian citizens of planet earth, as is evidenced in both the facts of history and events emerging on the ground in our own time. We find astonishing examples of the circumstance, when government agenda is married with ideology feigning verification via the scientific process, that later on would be imposed upon the people of earth, to include even the people of the Western World at large, if we only dare to question what is being pushed ardently as conclusive verified fact, then search for answers with clear, open intellectual minds.

Let there be no doubt or question that Karl Marx was deeply influenced by Charles Darwin, and vice-verso. When we dare to inquire and search, we discover examples of Marx exchanging letters with Darwin regularly, with Darwin congratulating him on the publication of his recent volume, “The Communist Manifesto,” and it’s anticipated success. It is also fact of history known that Marx was well aware of Darwin’s lectures of the day regarding his claim of specie origin, communicating with him regularly, both directly and indirectly.

What this author proposes is the contention that the two not only met at least on a few occasions, but may very well have even worked closely together in formation of Darwin’s scientific theory on life’s origin, and he on the political theory of Marx; if not directly with Marx himself, then through Engels who was known to regularly attend Darwin’s lectures in Darwin’s early years, much closer than our official history allows us to know of.

Therefore, it is here where we may observe the poisoned ‘taint’ of political agenda in this purposed “scientific” analysis, locked away inside the suggested conclusion put forth by hard facts, which only to a much more intense degree, serves to tell us otherwise! Even to this very day, the theory of evolution severely lacks hard proof, yet this unsupported theory is still pushed ardently as absolute fact inside Western educational institutions. Examine this clip copied directly from Wikipedia:

Although there is no mention of Darwin in The Communist Manifesto (published 11 years prior to Origin of Species), Marx includes two explicit references to Darwin and evolution in the second edition of Das Kapital, in two footnotes where he relates Darwin’s theory to his opinion about production and technology development. In the Volume I, Chapter 14: “The Detail Labourer and his implements”, Section 2, he referred to Darwin’s Origin as an “epoch-making work”, while in Chapter 15, Section I he took on the comparison of organs of plants to animals and tools.

In a book review of the first volume of Das Kapital, Friedrich Engels wrote that Marx was “simply striving to establish the same gradual process of transformation demonstrated by Darwin in natural history as a law in the social field.” In this line of thought, several authors such as William F. O’Neill, have seen that “Marx describes history as a social Darwinist ‘survival of the fittest’ dominated by the conflict between different social classes” and moving to a future in which social conflict will ultimately disappear in a ‘classless society'”, while some Marxists try to dissociate Marx from social darwinism.

Nonetheless, it is evident that Marx had a strong liking for Darwin’s theory and a clear influence on his thought. Furthermore, when the second German edition of Capital, was published (two years after the publication of Darwin’s Descent of Man, Marx sent Darwin a copy of his book, with the words:

Mr. Charles Darwin

On the part of his sincere admirer

(Signed) Karl Marx.

— London, 16 June 1873

Darwin wrote back to Marx in October, thanking him for having sent his work and saying “I believe that we both earnestly desire the extension of knowledge”.

According to scholar Paul Heyer, “Marx believed that Darwin provided a materialistic perspective compatible with his own”, although being applied in another context; while Alexander Vucinich, in his book “Darwin in Russian Thought” (1989), claims that “Engels gave Marx credit for extending Darwin’s theory to the study of the inner dynamics and change in human society”.

Thus, what is revealed are the true reasons why the OTS agenda is pushed so heavily in American/Western schools. Readers of my latest work, “The Stairway To Tyranny,” should be very aware of the connection upon immediate notice, and understand it’s implications in their totality. It is here with this merger between the persons of Darwin and Marx, that we shall observe the link in the coming American styled fascist, Social-Communist system, where a style of socialism strikingly resembling Communism will soon be forced upon the American public in finalization, in lieu of a marriage between the central bank, the corporate world, and the entire US representative body which has already taken place upon conclusion of the US Civil War. This situation and the coming potential dangers that this insidious movement possesses, intending to literally transform the entire American system and freeborn way of life, is explained in great detail inside my prior work notated above.

Readers of my latest work, “The Stairway To Tyranny,” may also recall the historical fact of Karl Marx being second cousin to Nathan Rothschild. As we are forced to recall, Nathan Rothschild assumed virtual investor ownership and a resulting absolute control of the Bank Of England. The Rothschild banking family has been noted as being the wealthiest family on the face of the earth, other than the family of Mordechai, whom Rothschild literally bows down before.

Our greatest universities are receiving their funding directly from the central bank or indirectly via investment funds conjunction with sponsor corporations and organizations, in addition to a number of straw man entities through indirect financing from the family of Rothschild; which upon our understanding of the link between the persons of Darwin, Marx, and the banking family of Rothschild, explains as to specifically why this OTS agenda is pushed so ardently inside western public schools and society, apparently with “supposed” scientific support, even to the very moment of this writing. The pure and simple explanation is the reality that when enough money is shelled out, his hard won status position then threatened, even the greatest of hardline scientific experts will claim virtually anything asked of him.

Unfortunately, an ever prevailing truth is that building an institutional career simply consumes far too many resources and time to refuse affirmation of the supreme financier’s request for politicized ideological validation in spite of any contradicting specifics, especially when the reward is one of indefinite historical renown conjunction with a possible huge financial gain. The opportunity to make a respected name on such levels of greatness are very few and far between for any young, ambitious institutional expert to concern himself with sentimental notions of moral or religious convictions; and should the first institutionally employed expert reject the offer, then most certainly another will merrily accept it!

Hardline rejection for the financier’s gracious offer of historical renown also bears the powerful possibility to lead one down the path of career ruination, all taken with the details above serving to secure both a heavy professional and institutional embrace of the proposed ideological conception, no matter what undeniable facts may reveal in contradiction.

What we are forced to conclude in this analysis is that the potential for financing an OTS agenda is far greater than that of any other opposing ideology in regard to the origin of life on earth due to its financiers, and that it also stands firmly in conjunction with any fascist/social-communist agenda being serviced back down upon the masses of planet earth. Denial of a supreme deity creates a void that the financier obviously intends to fill with one of his own, at some unannounced day in the future.

If a majority of citizens were to accept this absolute authority as valid, then their dedication would be one of altruism in the utmost, a state of implicit being that virtually every national leader desires from his citizen subjects. For this reason the founding fathers of America established a system of checks and balances to regulate this covert desire of ruling authority.

The manner in which any central bank and corporation that it finances, anywhere on the face of the earth, benefits, is revealed in the fact that all three eco-social political agendas are in actuality age old slavery repackaged, where only an elitist few at the top end of the system profit, and to a tremendous extent! Like possum to apples halves on trays in boxes with opened ends, the bait that draws the people into the trap is the eternal lie, that the basics of life can be obtained with no form of exchange in equal or more value. The additional implications through relationships already discussed are simply far too many for those of a truly liberated intellect to categorically ignore.

In brief, what we are forced to accept upon our study of life’s origin is that governments of the earth for the last two hundred years have held to social-political agendas of one sort or another. We could begin with the nation of France during the time of the revolution right on through the reign of Napoleon. In England and most of Europe before that time and beyond, it was church agenda serviced via Catholicism primarily. In America, it was liberation of the freeborn individual and individualism, until conclusion of the US Civil War.

During the time of the National Socialist movement in Germany, it was the deity-destined rule of planet earth by the great Aryan race, a form of nationalism merged with a weighted degree of both historical and archaeological fact. To support this ideology, a host of German scientist were sent out into the ends of the earth for the purpose of collecting specimen to give backing to their political agenda of the day. When isolated elements suggesting possibility were discovered, their scientific myth makers could spin a tale that would tie all of the lose ends together into a pattern that would appear logical to the plebeian masses of their day, whom they sought to rule in the absolute, while donned in the cloak of justification.

In the Western world today, the new social-political order of the day is an all-inclusive, secular humanism, and the enveloping Utopian creation of an “egalitarian” national society, if not a New World Order of such, where the individual person is sacrificed upon the altar of “progress” from the group. The true intention is that a few ultra-corrupt individuals wish to control the resources of the earth and the people thereon, in the absolute and to their own sole advantage. The new all-inclusive religion of this coming economic order is “Theory Of Evolution,” coupled with the founding “bible” of this new world religion being Darwin’s “Origin Of The Species.”

-By H. L. Dowless


    1. It’s funny how the “evidence” for evolution becomes “overwhelming” when the theory is taught dogmatically in government schools and in every university.

      It amazes me how people in the Alt. Right can passionately reject some parts of their government indoctrination, but passionately accept other parts.

      Until the twin pillars of materialism and naturalism are attacked with the same zeal thrown against the pillar of egalitarianism, we’ll never topple the modernist ceiling.

    2. There is no non-falsifiable, empirical evidence for evolution, whatsoever. It has never been observed to occur under experimental conditions. It has never been observed in nature. It is not supported by the fossil record. There is no plausible mechanism to drive evolution on a molecular level and it is absurd to argue that random processes can create the complex information in gene coding or the irreducibly complex systems required for life. Mathematical modelling indicates that will billions of years and the entire number of atoms in the universe, there wouldn’t be enough chance encounters to form from non-life, the amino acids necessary for the most rudimentary forms of life.

      On the contrary, the evidence AGAINST evolution has become undeniable, particularly with advances in understanding of genetics and micro-biology over the past 40 years. We have arrived at the point where no educated, honest person can uphold belief in evolution based on science. It survives only as an ideology or a pagan creation myth.

  1. The Hell it isn’t…

    The Darwinian worldview is held as strongly (if not stronger) than egalitarian and minority-worshiping biases in academia. A few years ago, I had lunch with the author of “Slaughter of the Dissidents”; he was personally discriminated against because of his views and after studying, found a systemic bias against Christians and Intelligent Design advocates (especially young Earth creationists). He includes enough cases in his book to warrant alarm among those who believe “facts speak for themselves.”

    …if facts and evidence are so talkative, one wonders why the strong-arm of a bully pulpit is needed to enforce “orthodox” interpretations.