The Myth of Muh Noble Savage

The myth of the Noble Savage has been thrust into our faces by the media and leftists for decades. These sources have portrayed the Native Americans as a people who were peaceful and able and only became violent after they were corrupted by European barbarism. But, this is completely false and typical anti-white liberal bullshit.

Many Native Americans practiced insanely barbaric rituals. Here is a quote by John Lawson as he describes the torture of captives among the Tuscaroras: “He that is appointed to be chief Executioner, takes a knife, and bids him [the victim] hold out his hands, which he does, and then cuts round the wrist through the skin, which is drawn off like a glove and flead [flayed] quite off at the fingers ends; then they break his joints and bones, and buffet and torment him after a very inhuman manner…”

The trial of John Lawson and Christoph Von Graffenried in 1711

Accounts like these come not only from Lawson. Chief Powhatan of the Powhatan tribe boasted to John Smith about slaughtering the Roanoke settlers that had disappeared some years earlier, along with the tribes they had stayed with. The Powhatan also similarly sacrificed their captives, tying them to a tree and slowly breaking their bones, cutting off parts of their body, and finally cutting the abdomen and throwing the intestines and the other parts into a fire. They also practiced human sacrifice, sacrificing boys. The Powhatan also massacred a fourth of the English colonists of Virginia on March 22, 1622, sparing nobody.

I wouldn’t call the slaughtering of women and children very noble

While we’re at it, let’s remember that the Aztecs and other Meso-American cultures practiced religions that depended on human sacrifice. Human sacrifice had not been practiced in Europe since the Middle Ages with the Norse and even then it was rare, only being limited to Scandinavia.

Native warfare depended on such fighting and other massacres happened later such as the Fort Mims Massacre, Cutthroat Gap Massacre and countless frontier raids. Scalpings were also common and oftentimes wandering Europeans in the woods of the frontier could expect to be ambushed by Natives if caught off guard or found in a location with few European settlers.

The Native Americans also participated in genocidal wars. The Sioux, for example, were originally from the Great Lakes region, but after conflict with the Iroquois, they fled westward. There, they carved out a new homeland for themselves and displaced the Natives already living there. In fact, Native Americans fought with themselves almost to the same degree as they did with Europeans. Given these facts, it is a wonder that anyone would even entertain the idea that Native Americans were peaceful.

In fact, the Native American women were responsible for so much more than in European societies because of how geared towards war they were. Native women took care of the home, the kids, farming, cooking, and crafting. Men on the other hand were only responsible for war, leadership, building, hunting, and the making of weapons which could be enough, but the point is that the women had more responsibility.

From all this, what should be concluded is that the Native Americans were not peaceful and it was not just warfare that could cause us to believe that. They had developed rituals and a way of life that was more barbaric than the Old World had been for centuries, even in Islamic countries. They were not peaceful hippies that only fought when forced to and they were not gentle giants as the Left would lead you to believe. They were a violent and murderous people that took centuries to become civilized.

That said, I do not believe that Native Americans are that way today, obviously. Nor were they all like that 200 years ago. Some tribes had managed to develop civilized and respectable communities that operated much like a small republic. I am merely trying to debunk the idea that the Native Americans lived in a Utopian society or were all like Pocahontas, as it was quite the contrary.

-By Chase