America 2045

Earlier last week, I was having my morning coffee and browsing the news. I came across a column by Dana Milbank, a hateful Jew who writes for the Washington Post, about how we can look forward to Whites becoming a minority in America around 2045. According to him, that will be the cure for what ails this country. He points out that the resentment of White America over its dispossession obviously “won’t matter much” at that stage of the game. For the moment though, he laments that this place is in for “ugly” times as it grapples with the “death throes of white hegemony.”

I’ve read so many anti-white screeds in the (((MSM))) that I generally never give them a second thought anymore. However, on this occasion I was struck by Milbank’s insinuation that the USA will be a thriving brown super power by 2045. 27 years from now, how would you see yourself? Pick one of the two:

SCENARIO A) You’re happily chanting “Viva Los Estados Unidos!” with your Somali countrymen.


SCENARIO B) You’re hungrily prowling a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a band of cannibals.

A vibrant and diverse future awaits a white minority in a crumbling former super power. Can’t wait.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. There’s something about Milbank’s vision of the future that just seems so highly implausible. Although, I suppose the accuracy of a Jew’s predictions for the future of the USA doesn’t really matter if there’s a retirement home in Tel Aviv. However, us problematic white Americans are bereft of the option to retreat. We’ve got to have a Plan B.

At any rate, that evening I was sipping a beer and watching reruns of a show I’ve grown quite fond of: Doomsday Preppers. It features typical, everyday white folks who’ve taken a look around and decided “this ain’t headin’ anywhere good.” So, they start prepping for when the shit really hits the fan. Then, because they’re not racist, they tell the camera crew that they’re simply preparing for the EMP effects of a coronal mass ejection or some BS like that. They remind me of a neighbor I once had who told me that he wasn’t racist, but he’d stopped eating at Cheesecake Factory because “that place got filled up with blacks.”

I don’t’ believe in pessimism, yet I am capable of it to perhaps a fathomless depth. That leads me to admire other people who follow things to their logical conclusion, even if they’re not entirely honest as to their line of reasoning. Shit really could hit the fan, and it’s prudent to keep an adequate supply of ammo and dog food for when that fateful day finally arrives. I actually do share the sentiment. During Obama’s first term, I left the country and got a job abroad because I figured the USA was just totally fucked. The Alt-Right wasn’t around back then, so I couldn’t spot any hope on the horizon. In my estimation, eating with chopsticks was preferable to dwelling in a bunker I couldn’t even afford to purchase at that time.

One beer later that night, and I found myself browsing the internet for deals on freeze-dried food. I looked over at the missus and inquired: “Sweetheart, how many shipping containers do you think we should bury at our bug out location?” She replied that she wasn’t going to any location with bugs. I then tried to explain that this was where we’d take refuge during the apocalypse. She paused from painting her fingernails and looked at me like I’d gone insane.

I guess when the end comes, we’ll be screwed like everybody else.

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