We Should Have Listened to Bilbo

In late Clown World, we are constantly flooded with mass media peddling race mixing. Heck, just turn the TV on and start flipping through the many commercials (if you have the stomach for it) and you will see the countless mulattoes with their happy (but, not abused) white mom and present black dad. As sad as this is, we cannot say we weren’t warned. Their were many men in America that warned of the rising danger of miscegenation. One of those men was US Senator Theodore “The Man” Bilbo of Mississippi.

Yes, it is surprising to think in modern times that their was once a senator who would actually advocate for our people. Bilbo was that man and proudly stood his ground against the wave of liberalism/egalitarianism that engulfed the states (especially the North) after and during the Second World War. You see, Bilbo was a prophetic man who saw the many dangers America was about to face if it did not solve the Negro Problem.

Bilbo would go on to write a very underrated book called Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization in 1947. In Bilbo’s book, we get to see a first hand account coming from one of our own on the race issue in the 40’s. Bilbo goes on to expose and breakdown every argument of egalitarianism that is used today. It is very interesting that many of the same arguments of egalitarianism and “ muh equal rights”  are the same as today. I, for one, didn’t think this rubbish appeared until the 60’s. Bilbo seemed to grasp that there were about to be major changes in America for the worse.

In his book, he mentions:

“If we had a white Quisling President, a spineless Congress playing politics for the Negro vote, the first bill [black Poet Langston] Hughes would wish introduced and pass would be to have all the school books from the first grades to the universities rewritten. His purpose in having this done would be to teach the American youth from Maine to California, from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico that the negro is the equal of the white man when that the types of characteristics, as well as the color of their skin, make absolutely no difference from now until doomsday in white America. The road would then be clear for the imminent and speedy Mongrelization of both the white and the negro races” ( From the Chapter “The Demands of the Negro Leaders” Pg 77) .

From this quote alone, it shows us the wisdom and foresight of Senator Bilbo. His note about a quisling President and Congress struck true just a year later when President Truman sold the entire South down the river to win black votes, thus setting the course for all presidents to come.  Bilbo also reveals that he understood the importance of protecting the youth of the country from the enemy. Throughout Bilbo’s book, his writings ring true and foreshadowed the present, but then future.

Image result for Theodore G. Bilbo
Bilbo’s enemies. They never change.

Bilbo’s ultimate conclusion to the negro problem was to deport the blacks back to Africa using incentives. Bilbo was a completely realistic man and realized even then the soft egalitarian drunken citizenry would never put up with forceful deportation of the blacks. So, Bilbo (despite the press lie that he hated blacks) tried to reach out to the colored folks with the idea of the mutual benefit of total separation.

In his book, he goes into detail about his success corresponding with various negro leaders who agreed the best option was separation. Choice is best described as a warning sign to white America and, even any blacks who don’t wish to see their race mixed and thus destroyed. I can also say from reading his book that Mr Bilbo was a Southern Nationalist at heart, though he never advocated secession in his time.

Bilbo mistakenly believed that the North would join the South in solving the Negro Question, as at the time, it did appear like they would with men like Henry Ford and other northern racial realist warning the country. I think this is most likely why Bilbo uses Lincoln as excellent example of someone who understood the Negro Problem (Lincoln, at least from his earlier speeches, did seem to understand the problem).

In the end, the country, as a whole, failed to realize Bilbo’s book as truth. Sadly, the steady growth of radical negrophiles overtook the nation in the 60’s (just as Bilbo warned) with the help of the (((media))), communists and the blundering federal government. The great senator would die and be robbed of his senate seat soon after publishing his masterpiece of a book. The book is definitely a must read for those interested in the Negro Problem and how the country became what it, unfortunately, is today.


  1. You are correct in stating that these problems didn’t begin in the 60s, as I had formerly believed along with many others.There has been a long history of such methods to destroy our culture. A turning point for me was a quote from President Davis who wrote that our enemies are traditionless from the time of Cromwell. Of course it goes back much further than that , but our enemies will use many methods of attack.One remedy, restore tradition.

  2. This goes back to Israel Cohen and his book “A Racial Program for the 20th Century” (which Wikipedia claims never existed – neither the book nor the author), published in 1913 (a very bad year!). But Myron Fagan said he had copies of this book and others by Cohen. The ADL went on book-burning binge in 1957 and destroyed all library copies, then came out and claimed that the book “never existed”! Read more about this at https://www.henrymakow.com/the_book_the_bankers_made_disa.html.