Practical Solutions to Critical Problems

So, I was born and raised in a small town in the South Carolina midlands on what used to be a 2,000 acre farm that my mother’s mother’s family had owned since antebellum times. Over time, the land has been broken up and a lot of it has been sold off by my cousins. But, family members still probably own over half of the original farm. In any case, I have lived most of my life here.

When I was growing up, there were a total of seven households on this land. My family, two cousins, three black families, and a black bachelor (for want of a better word). Anyone from the rural South knows that black men all have real names that they almost never use and nicknames that they virtually always go by. One of the black guys was called Goofy and another one was called Rat. One of my male cousins, about my same age, spent his childhood in the company of these blacks, fishing and hunting. He and his sisters were practically raised by two old black women, Edna and Henrietta, that lived in an old sharecropper house.

The thing I never realized growing up, and it was never talked about (I don’t know why), was that all of these blacks were descendants of slaves that my family had owned prior to the invasion by the American Empire. They were treated by the adults as if they were extended family members, except that our personal lives remained segregated for the most part. There were no hard feelings by the blacks towards us, in fact, it was quite the opposite. Clearly, the blacks had no ancestral memories of having been mistreated.

Young sharecropper and his first child. Hillside Farm. Person County, North Carolina. 1939 Dorothea Lange

But, I am not writing this to defend slavery. In my opinion, they should have never been brought here. Yeah, it was Jews that ran the slave trade, but I blame the Southern elites for demanding the supply. Even though slaves were expensive, they were a hell of a lot cheaper than what it would have cost to employ fellow white Christian Southerners, who were instead mostly reduced to subsistence farming.

“When I was a boy,” recalled Waters McIntosh, who had been a slave in Sumter, South Carolina, “we used to sing, ‘Rather be a nigger than a poor white man.’ Even in slavery we used to sing that.”

And, look at the cost we now pay for slavery. So, the conclusion is obvious and by my measure noncontroversial, our elites cursed us with slavery. I will also add that this indictment on our elites does not invalidate the fine qualities that some of those Southern elites and aristocrat planters graced us with: their bravery on the battlefield, their knowledge and civilization-building. I’m not here to disparage Washington, Jefferson and Lee. But, look at our Southern cities today and see the results.

But, it is what it is, and today we have to deal with it. And this brings me to the real point of my essay: why I do not advocate for a 100% white Southern ethnostate.

Call me a cuck, I’m sure some readers will, this is the internet after all. The reason is that I simply believe that justice and fairness are an important component of honor, and that honor is the characteristic that defines the white man and separates us from all other races (except maybe the Japanese, and, perhaps, the Koreans). And, it is not fair or just to uproot people from their ancestral land and forcibly relocate them to some other place against their will. If we could buy all of the land from the blacks and pay them to leave voluntarily, I’d be fine with that. But, I am against the forcible removal of people.

Furthermore, I believe that most Southerners (and a good deal of white Americans too) still believe in honor, justice and fairness. These people would be reluctant to support an unjust effort and we need them with us.

However, I am for the forcible removal of people who identify as Jews and the Chinese. Regardless of where they are born, Jews are loyal only to Jews and the Chinese are only loyal to other Chinese. So, I do not see it as any injustice at all to deport these people, not to mention that it is vital to our own self-interest.

Some would argue that it is vital to our own self-interest to get rid of these feral Negros also, and I agree with that, but I believe that we could do it justly and fairly by offering up a sizable bounty for voluntary sterilization to all takers. This would not only eliminate large elements of our black problem, but it would cull low IQ whites as well. If you are against eugenics, then you are for dysgenics. If you think we don’t have a low IQ white problem, I suggest you tour your local Walmart and get back to me.

Additionally, we would eliminate all forced integration, allowing for natural segregation to occur, we would restore the right of association, we would do away with all “affirmative action” programs. Jim Crow, which sustained the South for generations (and for both races), would be restored, including laws prohibiting race mixing (they were on the books not too long ago), make English the only official language, outlaw rap music (sorry Kayne) and, finally, we would replace welfare with mandatory work programs (think rudimentary highway maintenance like litter pickup and other public works).

Separated: This image shows a neon sign, also in Mobile, Alabama, marking a separate entrance for African Americans encouraged by the Jim Crow laws - article and more pictures

The blacks could get back on the track they were on prior to that disastrous 1960’s, live in their own enclaves, return to the nuclear family, have fathers as role models again and start policing their own neighborhoods. Seriously, we all know that the reason the black community is in the current state it is in – is because Jews want them this way, along with their toady “muh community” leaders.

What about Mexicans, other Latinos, Indians, Pakis, Vietnamese, Muslims, etc? First, obviously all immigration of non-whites would have to end. Islam would be prohibited. The sensible immigration restrictions that were in place prior to Hart-Celler would be reinstated.

Then, I think we would need to create an agency staffed to interview these people one-by-one (or family-by-family, we’re not splitting up any families), to make a determination of how assimilated they were. I know a guy of Indian heritage (street shitter, not corn nigger) who sounds like a typical southern redneck when you talk to him on the phone. Likewise, for a guy I know of Mexican heritage. If they are well assimilated, then they can stay, but if not, then they have to go back. And, I don’t think that is unjust, because if they are not assimilating, then they are colonizing.

So, we wouldn’t end up with a full on white-only, H. A. Covington-style ethnostate, where you never saw anyone that wasn’t white. Seriously, that is LARPing. Not going to ever happen, because like I said above, most of our less extreme white neighbors will not sign up for that.

Some may say this essay is LARPing – reviving Jim Crow, old America’s reasonable immigration restrictions and civilization maintaining programs, but any projection into our desired future could be considered LARPing. This one is just more realistic than some spergy dystopia with cattle cars and RWDS. No one is actually buying into that scenario and no decent man would participate in it.

Let’s be practical and honorable. Let’s look to our ancestors for solutions to our current problems.

-By Freddie Gray


  1. I’m more or less in agreement with you on blacks staying, both for the reasons you state and because all white areas tend to be the cuckiest. See the Pacific northwest for example.

    ” but I blame the Southern elites for demanding the supply. Even though slaves were expensive, they were a hell of a lot cheaper than what it would have cost to employ fellow white Christian Southerners, who were instead mostly reduced to subsistence farming.”

    Theyd have used sharecropping or some kind of tenement farming rather than pay good wages, though, and the help would be no better off and possibly worse off than slaves. Better to have somehow kept farms family sized and prevented the plantations, but that’s against our nature, so LARPing.

  2. I don’t know if deporting every single Chinese or Jew would be workable either. My solution would be to ban anyone with more than 1/4 or 1/8 Jewish ancestry from holding public office, and give incentives to move to Israel. And while they are collectively responsible for much of the degeneracy, many of them are just average 9-5 type guys. So Idk, there doesn’t seem to be a perfect solution. Then we also the the problem with some folks in the alt-right who seem to want to kill/deport anyone who is as little as 1/64th Jewish.