The Only Response for the Pedophile Candidate

Nathan Larson is a 37-year-old accountant from commie-run Charlottesville, Virginia, and is running for Congress as an independent candidate in Virginia. He is also a disgusting pedophile and a lunatic. He also bragged online about raping his now deceased ex-wife (she committed suicide, almost can’t blame her). Larson created and ran his now-defunct websites and, which were essentially chat rooms that served as gathering places for pedophiles, degenerates and other sordid losers. It pains me that, as a Virginian, he’s from my home state. In a more civilized age, he would have been properly disciplined and this behavior radically restrained.

According to Larson’s campaign manifesto, his platform was a “quasi-neoreactionary libertarian” (think spergy) platform for protecting (1) gun ownership rights, (2) establishing free trade and (3) protecting “benevolent white supremacy,” as well as, legalizing (4) incestuous marriage and (5) child pornography. The first three don’t sound all that bad, but this freakshow lost me at points 4 and 5. You can almost tell that the “lights are on, but nobody’s home” based on his photo. Anybody that advocates for incest or child pornography should be hung from the gallows (note: after due process and convicted in a court of law).

Here’s some sick garbage that he posted on his website (he went by the name “Lysander”):

Evidently, Larson first ran for Congress in Virginia’s 1st District in 2008 on what he described as an “anarcho-capitalist” platform (fucking ancaps). That same year, he thought it would be a good idea to send a letter to the Secret Service threatening to kill Obama. Unironically though, thanks Obama, because this scum had to spend 14 months in federal prison because of the threat and he was barred from running for public office. Larson’s lucky we weren’t (aren’t) in charge, but his luck was about to change.

How so? Wait, here comes Virginia’s former carpetbagger governor, Terry McAuliffe. In order to run the score up and get more votes for the Democrats, Terry unilaterally pardoned thousands of felons in 2016 and gave them back their voting rights and other civil rights (like running for public office). In fact, Terry used an “auto-pen” to pardon scores of hardened criminals, including crack dealers, armed robbers and, yes, pedophiles. Due to the Eternal Yankee, Larson was able to run in Virginia’s House of Delegates District 31 in 2017. Presently, he is running for a seat in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, which is represented by weak-in-the-knees, open borders and anti-Trump RHINO Barbara Comstock (no relation to the much cooler, albeit fictional, Zachary Hale Comstock).

Now, there’s simply no way that Larson will win anything ever in Virginia, or even the rest of the country. Thank God for that. But, the simple fact that he was pardoned by a charlatan Clinton sycophant, is a sicko degenerate pedophile and is even able to run for public office, really tells you about how far we’ve sunk into ClownWorld.

So, here’s a little LARPing and it’s a fun game to play, even with normies. What’s to be done with pedophiles in a Free Dixie? It doesn’t appear that Larson ever actually sexually assaulted his own child, although he fantasized about it. And, he did some heinous things to his wife. What’s to be done with folks like this, once good traditional men retake this country back? Today, he’s been pardoned by a governor. He’s a free man. He’s probably too stupid, maladjusted or mentally ill to even care that he’s been ostracized by all of decent society. But, the sad reality is folks like this don’t just go away.

I care deeply about free speech. It’s one of the few remaining freedoms we have in this country (although, it needs to be strengthened to protect folks from being fired from their jobs for being thoughtcriminals™ after work or on the weekends). However, there’s a massive difference between (A) a guy saying that the Jews run Hollywood and (B) a guy fantasizing about raping his three year old daughter. Oven memes, Pepe the Frog and other edgy humor aside, no one in their right mind plays around with pedophilia. It’s far too taboo and children are far too (and rightly so) sacrosanct. It’s a line that is never crossed.

Children are literally the most precious thing in this world. They’re our future and legacy. They’re completely innocent of the world and the nasty shit in it. Anyone that would hurt a child, especially sexually defile one, is equivalent to a demon. Or, perhaps they’re possessed by a demonic force. There’s evil in this world for sure, and pedophiles, in my opinion, are probably the closest thing to evil incarnate.

Back to my hypothetical question though, what to do with these “people”? It’s quite simple really. In a Free Dixie, it would be prohibited for anyone to (1) legitimately, and in good faith, argue for the legalization of pedophilia, (2) create, maintain or possess child pornography and/or (3) engage in sexual acts with a child. Anyone caught violating any of these rules would be charged, arrested and tried in a court of law and decided upon by a jury of their peers (by peers, I mean citizens as the Founders intended). The verdict is either innocence or guilt, there are no mistrials and there are no appeals.

An innocent man or woman walks free.

A guilty pedophile get’s the rope in the town square.


  1. Too bad the pedophiles who hold public office won’t say what they dream of doing. Damn sneaky bastards.

    We need a political pedophile truther get serious the way Ryan Dawson has done with 9/11. It’s bad in plenty of places, but there’s bound to be a way to take advantage when the shit hits the fan. South Carolina has the biggest gap between character of the people and vicious secret pedophilia.