Southern Defeatist Poetry

Imagine glorifying the people of a country who fought and sacrificed all they had and yet rejecting everything for which they fought. Furthermore, imagine if this were your people. Surely this could only be the end product of generations of mis-education aimed at undermining the internal strength of a nation.

I happened across the poem attached below by Alabama native Mercer M. Doty while browsing through an old book featuring a collection of Southern writers and was initially excited at the title. However, after reading this defeatist poem entitled The Glory of the Gray my excitement was replaced by dejection. The poem’s premise, that Southerners should fondly remember the men in gray while rejecting the cause for which they sacrificed everything, is entirely wrong.

Since our conquest, the Union has pressed upon us mass democracy, interracial and homosexual marriage, replacement levels of Third World immigration, racially integrated schools, endless wars abroad and abortion on demand – to name but a few “American” causes. The generation of our people who temporarily threw off the yoke of Washington, DC were far-seeing in their rejection of outside-imposed destruction. There can be no doubt that the cause of Southern self-determination was just, right and noble while the Union was (and remains) the true “error of the day.”