Race, Hate and DRRH

Are we racists? Let’s find out. Heads up, this is not going to be a Democrats are the real racists (DR3) rant. We’ll start with looking up the definition of racism, but before we do that, let’s be clear that whatever the definition is, the (((Left))) has made “being racist” essentially a capital crime for which due process is not even allowed.

Mirriam-Webster defines racism as:

1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

2a: a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles

2b: a political or social system founded on racism

3: racial prejudice or discrimination

Well, we do believe that race is the primary determinant of human traits. Actually we don’t believe this, we know this to be a fact that has been known, probably forever. And every valid study ever done in good faith shows this to be a fact. The second part of the definition 1. says “and that racial difference produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”. By itself, superior is a subjective term. Superior at what? Running and jumping? Robbing liquor stores? Survival on your own without civilization? Survival in civilization? Success in school or business? A definition that contains a subjective term is generally a fail, but we’ll push on anyway.

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I think we can all agree that at running and jumping, the African races are superior, and that at understanding complex math, Asians, in general, are superior, and that at pursuing scientific truth, whites are superior. This is not opinion, this is proven fact backed up by tons of science, statistics and history. So, I guess that if we look at it that way, we are racist.

Definition 2 is about political systems, not people, so we’ll have to skip it.

Definition 3, “racial prejudice or discrimination”….I know a lot of white “progressives” and every single one of them is married to a white person. Were they racially prejudicial or discriminating in their choice of spouse? When I drive through black neighborhoods here in the South, I never see a Subaru with a Bernie bumper sticker in a driveway. Why is that? Are liberals racially prejudicial about where they choose to live? Okay, okay, I know this is starting to sound like DR3, but my point is, that racial prejudice and discrimination is something that EVERYONE does, all the time, every day; so according to definition 3, everyone is a racist.

So if we go by definition 1, we are racists, but the Left is not, because the Left refuses to admit that “race is the primary determinant of human traits”, even though every valid study confirms this. “Do they even science, bruh?”

If we go by definition 3., everyone is a racist.

Something is missing here, we haven’t stumbled on the reason that racism is a capital offense for which the Left thinks you should lose your job, your residence and your life.

And, that is because Mirriam-Webster is obfuscating here, it is not giving us the connotations that the Left has attached to the word, and what most people think of when you call someone a racist. That is because a racist is someone who HATES other people solely because of their race, or HATES other races in general.

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Anyone that has been to a MAGA event, a free speech rally or something like Charlottesville has seen the juxtaposition of the Right versus the Left. On the Right, you have relaxed, smiling, joking, laughing people, enthusiastic for the future, enjoying the camaraderie with other like minded people. On the Left, you have scowling, angry, virulent, hysterical, irrational (and unwashed) people, often with dyed hair, piercings, drug habits, and masks, shouting threats, tossing projectiles and expressing their HATRED for those who showed up to support traditional American values.

Wait a second, what is going on here? When we look for hatred, we only see it in the Left. Are they projecting? Are they trying to redirect their own self loathing onto us? Seriously, why are they so angry?

I personally do not know and have never met anyone on the Right that hates all non-white people or any non-white people only because of their particular race. The only hatred that I have come across on the Right is hatred for certain events that have happened or are happening, and hatred for the people who engineered these events or defended them. I HATE George Soros because he is an evil man that is trying to destroy the country my ancestors built and is also destroying the safe and nurturing environment in which my daughter could grow up and raise her own family. But, if I see someone wearing a Che shirt, my first impulse isn’t to run up and spit on him or throw a bottle full of piss on him or sucker punch him. My first impulse is just to think “what an ignorant dumbass.”

Our motives are based on our love for our children, our respect for our ancestors, and our well founded belief that the traditions that have sustained our communities for thousands of years are still valid. I can’t see what their motives are based on anything other than self loathing that they project onto us.

Yes, we are racists by Mirriam-Webster’s definition, but we are not the haters. DRRH.

-By Freddie Gray

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  1. Good article. I’ll take a bit of an exception on your point about DRRH. Here’s why.

    Since at least the Enlightenment, us Anglos have felt a need to rationalize emotions and matters of the heart. We’ve made the mistake of not heeding Aristotle’s maxim to keep both mind over body in balance. We rationalize and trust the brain at the expense of the heart or body. Bad idea.

    Sam Dixon told me about some of his initial curiosity in the JQ in the ’80s. He asked an 50-something Russian housekeeper lady about Jews. He said she visibly became aggravated to the point of spitting. She felt no need to rationalize her feelings about Jews. It was knee-jerk hatred, a cultural distaste and dislike for a particular ethnicity.

    The same is true of the Russians who make up about 50% of my church. They have an avoidance of brown people, but they have an allergic negativity against Jews. Sam Dickson’s point, which is what I think Mike Enoch tries to drive home, is that it’s ok for us to have this kind of gut level, base feelings and reactions—without explanation. Without Jewsplaining.

    So maybe what I’m doing is SWPLsplaining. Idk, but we’d all rather be surrounded by SWPLs than the (((you-know-who’s))). I don’t blame them for their mudhate.

    On another note, there really nothing in any historical White culture that condemns hate. That’s been a strictly ZOG period concept.

    Ward Allen was a student of Donald Davidson at Auburn. Davidson was the most politically active segregationist of the original 12 Southern Agrarians. Ward wrote a great letter to me in 2002 that gave a great epistemological study of the word ‘racism’. ‘Racism’ as a word made its first appearance when it was invented by a Soviet Jew in 1937! So go figure.

    Racism did nothing wrong.