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By now, I’m sure we’re all familiar with the Orwellian persecution of Tommy Robinson in the UK. He was arrested and quickly sentenced to 13 months for peacefully live-streaming outside a Muslim “grooming” trial. In a sane country, “grooming” is what you’d do for a show horse. In the UK, it’s somehow been adapted as a euphemism for Muslim child rape committed on a mass scale.

This travesty wasn’t at all surprising. It’s part of a cause-effect chain that’s typical of Clownworld. Let’s try to break it down into something simple:

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Britain imports hordes of 3rd world Muslim savages to live off its tax revenues. Then, they embark on an epidemic of rape against thousands of working class British girls.

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The government becomes aware of the massive problem, but looks the other way for well over a decade. After that approach fails, it tepidly puts a handful of them on trial while the media stays silent or dismisses outrage as racist propaganda.

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As appalling details emerge, spin becomes impossible. The only recourse is to silence actual British people who complain. Thus, Tommy is now in jail with a clear message sent to everyone else.

What happens next?

Well, hopefully Tommy gets released. That’s probably not likely because it’d be a capitulation that would embolden further dissent. This has provoked a lot of outrage among the sane and well-informed, but what power do we have except to make sense? Media coverage is legally banned so no national conversation will occur.

There’s no reversing the rapid demise of Britain. Even if they were willing and able to honestly discuss their problems, the nation is racing towards fiscal ruin and enough of the 3rd world has already been imported for a severe crisis. Despite our existential problems, I’m really glad I was born on this side of the pond.

Across Europe, (((The Establishment))) is confronted with the same conundrum. It has mandated suicide, but it can’t defend that with facts and logic. The best they can do is to explain “British people can’t be displaced in their own country because they never existed in the first place.” That’s a tough job because contradictory narratives constantly get exposed by grisly reality. No alternative remains but to lock anyone up who complains, and then impose a media blackout. The bottom line is that this is all headed somewhere very bad.

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  1. The seeds of the this day were sown years ago when England threw its support behind Judaism, as opposed to the European majority (early 20th century). Individuals like Leslie Hore-Belisha were a sign of things to come.