Good Cops and Bad Cops

A police force is a vital aspect of a peaceful society, it is a demanding job, fully deserving of our respect and support. It is a job of considerable authority, but the price of that authority is considerable responsibility.

A free citizen never forgets being abused by a cop any more than a person saved by a cop ever forgets that. I have had the opinion for some time that the ones who pay the biggest price for these bad cops, and there are bad wrongfully empowered cops out there, are other cops. I have thought for some time that it’s way overdue for the good cops to have a little locker room time with the bad cops. The price of misconduct is very high and should not have to be paid by those who do their duty to protect the public and have high standards, but that’s where it falls.

Further, I don’t support the concept of hate crimes or protected classes like police. As I said, being a cop is a hard, dangerous job, crucial to our society and deserving of our support and respect. That said, I support equal under the law and do not support creating a class of people protected with different penalties for the same crime. No hate crime statutes, no protected classes in the determination of a penalty for murder, whether it was committed because you hate, intend to rob or are just in a bad mood, only predetermination matters in the level of the crime. We are all equal under the law, all men and women of equal value, and I do not support subjectivity in this respect.

Further, I do not support laws that make law enforcement more effective at the expense of our constitutional rights and freedoms. To protect and to serve is a hard job and we will lose cops this way, but too many better people than ourselves fought and bled to preserve our rights and I’m not giving them up for a safe place, i.e., police state.

If that does not work for you, don’t become a cop or get out if you are one.

-By G. Gobel.

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  1. If I may paraphrase a quote attributed to George Washington, “Police are not reason, they are not eloquence,—but force alone! Like fire, they are a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.” Of course, the meaning being that police are not necessarily good nor bad, but simply a tool subject to the wishes of the ruling government.