A Royal Disgrace

I didn’t actually watch the debased royal wedding. First of all, I’m a man so that sort of event has zero appeal for me even under the best of circumstances. More importantly, I have little appetite for watching someone defile their country while the (((MSM))) delights in the perverse mockery made out of an ancient institution.

As Prince Harry set a new standard for regal depravity, all sorts of triumphant commentators came out to toss some dirt on the grave of the UK. Perhaps the most galling instance I’ve seen so far came from some creature named Afua Hirsch.

I’m not that familiar with UK television but apparently she’s a Black/Jewish anti-White crusader. Clearly that made her perfect for BBC coverage of the marriage between Prince Harry and a Mulatto. I saw a clip in which she exclaimed that “there is nothing essentially white about Britishness”.

So, according to Hirsch, prior to the relatively recent 3rd world deluge, there weren’t any British people living in Britain. Logically, it follows then that the name of the island must have been derived in a similar fashion to that of “Antarctica”, which bears no relation to any group of people dwelling therein since nobody ever has.

At any rate, this would be somewhat comical if Britain wasn’t already finding out the hard way that Blacks are the human equivalent of napalm. Along with its unfixable budget woes, Britain’s dusky population is metastasizing rapidly. Although not yet even ten percent of London, they’ve fueled a crime wave that’s put it ahead of NYC in per capita murders. A shortage of firearms has done little to constrain their barbarism. This has forced Mayor Sadiq Khan to resort to knife confiscations.

Worse still, these (100%) British Blacks have observed the proclivity of Mayor Khan’s kinsman for dousing people with acid. In fact, they’ve adopted this quaint custom with gusto. Melting faces have become a distinctly British twist on the American “Melting Pot”.

Here in the USA, we’ve already squandered trillions in a vain attempt to ameliorate our African affliction, but to no avail. Crime is rampant and once great cities have been reduced to violent wastelands. A fervency for replicating failure might be the defining feature of Western Civilization at this point. Don’t disappoint yourself by expecting Britain to learn from its experiences, let alone ours. We’ll all just keep doing what we’re doing until things fall apart. That’s the only prediction about the future I feel comfortable about making with 100% confidence.

Speaking of cataclysm, that would appear to be nigh for the House of Windsor. As their British subjects continue to be rapidly displaced, it’s tough to see how they can hang on for more than another couple decades. Buckingham Palace is already surrounded by a non-British majority, and the entire nation will eventually follow.

The size of the white British population relative to nonwhites is misleading because it includes older generations from before the invasion. When younger generations are compared to the foreign hoard, the demise of the UK becomes more readily apparent. For instance, in its various spellings “Mohammed” has topped the charts of British baby names for years. It’s hard to see why someone with a name like that would tolerate living under a White, Anglican monarchy if he was given a choice. If anyone decides to protest this process, a cell in one of Her Majesty’s Prisons awaits him.

There are hard, uncertain times ahead. However, it seems clear that whatever White civilization emerges from the other side of the meat grinder won’t include the Windsors. It’s hard to feel sorry for them. They’ve abandoned their duty as a royal family to oppose the utter ruin of their people. If they can’t perform that most basic function, then what are they good for?


  1. Just another sign of the ever increasing decline of a once great empire–the same thing is happening in the U.S.A. Among the many signs here, denying and hating your heritage, allowing and giving excuses for minorities criminal behavior, and, the promoting and glorifying of a race(black).
    A few examples of this:
    Rap and Hip-Hop are for the first time ever the most popular forms of “music” in the States, the media and public have adopted ghetto speak and millions of white kids idolize and act like black celebs in the way they dress,talk and act.
    The media, our schools, colleges and universities relentlessly promote blackness, excuse their behavior and portray them as victims of the evil white man.
    Gentlemen, we are through as a great nation, I can’t imagine what this country is going to be like when your great grand children become adults.

  2. Great article.The absurd”royals”have long been owned by the Jews.The whole British empire was merely White Anglo-Saxons dying in service of the wholly Jewish owned East India Company.The dullard Harry must consider it an honor getting this mulatto leftover from her prior Jew husband.May God protect those of us who value our race and the Master Jesus instead of materialism and degradation.I still believe our day will come.Never give up.