A Better Class of Men

It seems that, all too often, those of us on the Dissident Right get dragged into a multitude of different directions all at once. We rally behind many ideas and campaigns and one of our most important goals tends to slip by the wayside. To truly preserve our race, procreation is a necessity. Procreation for the sake of populating, however, is simply reckless. The ultimate goal then is to find another being with whom you can lead a comfortable and rewarding life and who will bless you with children who share your morals, desires and your determination. If you do nothing else in this movement, your sights should be firmly set on starting a family. We cannot hope to save our people, if our people don’t exist.

Granted, celibacy, voluntary or involuntary, is not a situation that plagues all of the Alt-Right or renders all of our other efforts meaningless, but it happens often enough that it merits a discussion. Whether it’s the aforementioned various campaigns that capture our full attention or it’s the belief that a strong relationship will come with the ground gained in the future, some individuals seem to completely forego this most necessary aspect of life. And while, yes it is true, that good women are attracted to strong and enduring men, which we are in no short supply of, we must not rely on this tactic. Future generations are too valuable and rewarding to be left up to chance. This piece is written, not only as commentary, advice and encouragement for treading out into the dating world, but also to stress the importance that we need to turn the tide of declining birth rates and broken homes. If we cannot get back to a traditional lifestyle, then any ground we have gained thus far will have been in vain.

For starters, we need to be honest with ourselves about the characteristics we desire in a companion and how closely in line with reality these desires are. Sure, every male would love to have a perfect ten trophy wife who they can go full exto in front of, but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. If you are biding time and waiting for that particular women to walk by, then you are truly doing yourself and this movement a disservice. Instead, how about heading toward the other end of the spectrum? Maybe look for a women who considers herself apolitical, doesn’t get tangled in the moral decadence of modern society and instead spends her time learning useful skills such as knitting or gardening. Rationality is key here, gentlemen, and it will drop us off directly in front of one of the most enjoyable aspects of life if we let it.

Second, if I haven’t already made this clear enough, casual hookups and tinder dates will get you nowhere. What you are coming into contact with are people devoid of morals, soiled by modernity and just looking to capture a thrill for the night and then they’re on to the next one the following day. What number do you think you are this month? Are you able to come to terms with that thought? Please, for the love of your future children, get off these sites and far away from this toxic culture. We need to uphold that low-time preference that we always lecture others about.

The next step is where your search should begin. The common answer provided always seems to be church. Although I do agree that a place such as an Orthodox Church, for instance, would be the ideal place to start, we know that Christianity is not a common theme through the movement. Easily one of the next best scenes to get involved in is a local farmers market. These are often attended by wholesome and traditional individuals and families and you’re very unlikely to find anything more “Salt of the Earth.” Perhaps there isn’t a farmers market in your town so you may want to try out local book clubs or something similar. Find a decent hobby or engage in an activity that interests you and you are bound to come across a fine women. The most important step you can take in this digital and modern world is getting off the internet and getting involved in your community while it still exists.

Perhaps you’ve gone through these steps numerous times and things haven’t worked out or maybe you’ve made it to the relationship and are unsure of how to maintain it. Let me offer a little bit of constructive criticism: How much time are you spending on the Internet or wrapped up in a forum on your phone? It’s important for us to stay connected and involved in this movement, but I cannot stress this enough, gentlemen, you need to take a break every once in a while. Stop shit posting with the guys and take the time to pay attention to your woman and tend to your relationship. Perhaps the lady would like to go out to dinner and see a movie for the evening and you’ve rejected her for the third time this month because you have a social media post to raid. Why would you expect her to stick around? Furthermore, it’s important to get involved with her activities. Do you know how far along she is with the scrapbook she’s been working on? Have you even seen the first picture? This may seem trivial to us, but it demonstrates a sense of mutual respect.

Up front honesty is crucial as well, and both parties must know each other entirely. Hiding part of your personality or your characteristics may become an ugly point of division later on when children may be involved, thus continuing the trend of broken homes we see today. That being said, I must reiterate, going full exto and LARPing as hard as humanly possible is not the answer either. Being open about your political and societal views, in an educated context of course, as well as, family values and expectations is imperative though, as there no instance where these topics will not arise.

Take with you the advice presented here and you may very well find yourself at the edge of the most rewarding aspect in life. With that in mind, dating is a different experience for everyone and there is no ideal road map drawn. At times we must adapt to various stressors or improvise with our next steps and the path forward may get difficult, but there is no challenge more important than this. The truly beautiful and wholesome women have not been removed from this Earth yet; we just need to be a better class of men.

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  1. If you don’t home school, you’re adding
    soldiers to the devil’s army. Don’t believe
    for a second that all those hours of brainwashing
    can be countered by a few hours at ‘home’.

    So…. home school or at least christian school.