From Libertarian to Alt-Right

Seems like every time Alt-Right people discuss their red pill journey they say that they went through a period of libertarianism. You’d think that we, as a group, have a disdain for libertarian ideals. I assure you we don’t.

We truly wanted libertarianism. We still do. We believed in the good of humanity, live and let live, leaving others alone, as long as, they left us alone. But they didn’t leave us alone. They came for us and attacked us. We were fired and kicked out of colleges, even imprisoned for defending ourselves when attacked. We were told we had privilege. That we were racist so much that eventually we all just said “Okay, so that’s how you wanna play it?” The only identity we have left now is race. That’s the truth.

We tried to ignore it for as long as we could because nothing is more precious than freedom, right? Wrong. We have learned the hard way and so will you. You can only stand so much filth and degeneracy in society. You will only be pushed so far and endure so much ridicule until, you too, will realize all you have left is your own people. You will finally realize what degeneracy does to a society. It has throughout history destroyed nations. Ruined families by ruining the very concept of what family is. It spreads disease, poverty and hatred. Some will never admit to what is right in their face. They will decry racism as they are lead to the guillotine, even after they have seen all the horrors of unchecked “freedom”.

There is nothing wrong with freedom, when it is tempered by a society rooted in what is good. Libertarianism is a wonderful ideology, if it is practiced in a homogeneous society that promotes wholesome and good morals. But, the same libertarianism is suicide when practiced in a progressive multi-cultural society. So, now we embrace authoritarianism. Many even go so far as to become full blown National Socialists. The goal is the same for all of us in the Alt-Right though. We must restore the natural laws. We cannot let everyone just decide for themselves what is acceptable or not. It not only leads to our destruction, but to theirs as well.

The blacks were far happier and prosperous under white colonialism. So were we. That’s the truth. We all need some form of leadership to enforce what is good and right. Welcome to a new age of authoritarianism where your opinions mean little. Only cold hard facts will be used to determine how our society will be governed. You too will reach the same conclusions when all you care about is the truth and only the truth, no matter where it leads or how ugly it gets. The truth is always more important than your “freedoms”.

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And the truth of the world is that we are not equal and these freedoms destroy us all. The truth is that women are far more happy and fulfilled when they are mothers and housewives, supporting their man and raising their children. The truth of the world is that blacks commit far more crime and Muslims want to kill us. The truth of the world is that the Jews have been behind a movement to destroy Western Civilization and, yes, even the white race.

There is nothing wrong with fighting back against our displacement in our homelands and the genocide of our people. Really what choice do we have but to push back. There is nothing our enemies hate more than the truth, that is why they deceive and distract you with fake news and degenerate movies. That is why they encourage you to race mix and abort your babies.

The truth is more important than your freedoms. Embrace the truth. At this point, you can be called racist or extinct. Pick one.

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  1. I do find it interesting how many of us Alt-Rigthers were once libertarians. I was one, until about four years ago. I left libertarianism after I discovered race and the JQ, which Lew Rockwell and Jacob Horneberger types just would not touch. Rather than feeling disowned by them, I preemptively left them.