The Male Prerogative

Give a man a bow and arrow, an open expanse to roam, a mountaintop to scale and a space by a river by which to meditate and he will be content.

It is women who want enclosures, hemmed in skylines, baubles and trinkets, lavish dwellings, expressions of vanity and gossip, and an abundance of useless material diversions.

Indeed, consumerism and capitalism is a product of a female-psyche. It results because we no longer initiate boys into manhood, so there is NO masculinity to say NO, to rampant female lust, greed, and desire.

What I have noticed is that when boys are allowed and encouraged to tap into a latent masculinity – by being torn away from the world of woman/mother, and then initiated through a series of life-threatening tests into a higher spiral known as masculinity – they always tend to the formation of a set of principles: Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, the Koran, Buddha’s teachings, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Musashi’s The Book of Five Rings and so on.

They say THOU SHALT NOT to rampant wants and needs and serve to channel desires into appropriately useful communal pathways.

But this type of masculinity is exceedingly rare; an indigenous American tribe called the attainment of masculinity ‘the big impossible’ – meaning that it occurred so very infrequently. So, what you have in the absence of boys who are severed from the black hole of mother/femininity are men who serve women, and do nothing but serve the desires of women. And that my friend, is the world you behold today – a world manufactured by the labor and blood and sweat and tears and slavishness of men to serve female wants and desires and needs.

But, should a male awaken to this realization and discover his buried, hidden, repressed, shamed, shunned and rejected masculinity for the first time, he experiences it as a true rebirth: every fiber of his being begins to resonate at a higher spiral of energy. It’s as if his voice drops, and where once he beseeched or entreated, now, he commands.

By discovering and embracing his balls and cock for the first time, the latent energy within his genitalia, he perceives the world anew – not as a supplicant or child seeking assurances from the mother-figures which everywhere abound, but as the God-man he was destined to become and which is his very birth-right – indeed, the very reason for his willful descent into the morass and degeneracy which is the Earth.

He is here as a transfigurer..a redeemer!

Of whom? Why, the custodians of the Earth of course – WOMEN.

He is here as the appointed savior of woman: that being whose narcissism, inward-looking tendencies, and desires to pillage the planet’s resources so that they can display these hoards in manicured homes – which are in effect enclosures against the world, other women, and anything which seeks to transgress boundaries.

And, this is of course man’s function: to blast through boundaries and limitations and destroy stagnant conditions and address injustices and batter his very being against them. Anything less than this is unmanly and reeks of pussy juice.

Men are not here to understand women, or to become more womanly, or to offer themselves as slaves to women – but to exalt themselves above woman and in so doing access their transcendental selves.

The valleys belong to woman; the mountain peaks to man.

For a boy to become a man he must leave the valleys behind and make the arduous, lonely journey up the steep mountain-side – in order to discover the realm of his Heavenly Father – and be blessed by Him, and killed by Him, and given life anew by Him.

Then the God-man walks the Earth and transforms everything he touches through the power of his man-self.

Abandon everything that you are, and everything you know, and everyone who doesn’t give you the absolute freedom to express your emotional range – especially the anger and rage at realizing that you have been a rat in a cage thus far. And embrace the God within that you are destined to become.