Northern Slavery: Part 3

This is our third part on our series covering Yankee slavery. As we discovered in part 1 and 2, Dixie wasn’t the only region that tolerated slavery, much to the chagrin of ignorant catladies and public school students. This article will discuss the remaining Yankee states, as well as, the Left’s hypocrisy regarding slavery.

Rhode Island:

Slavery existed in Rhode Island by 1652. In fact, this little state soon became the center of the booming international slave trade! Between 1709 and 1807, Rhode Island saw 934 slave trips cross the Atlantic and brought in an astounding 106,544 slaves to the New World. Specifically, this huge commodities trade exchange was barrels of rum for negroes. During that time, it was this little northern state that controlled up to ninety percent of the entire American slave trade! By 1784, a gradual emancipation was passed, but there were still a few slaves counted in the state as late as the 1840 Census.


As it turned out, Vermont was actually the ONLY northern state (I found) that immediately abolished slavery. The relevant section is in Chapter I, “…no male person, born in this country, or brought from over sea, ought to be holden by law, to serve any person, as a servant, slave” (it later mentions females). So in the name of consistency, all American symbols, US flag, founding father monuments or Union statues are all fair game to remove as hate symbols, unless they’re from Vermont. But of course, basically no blacks at all lived in Vermont; even today, as we become a minority in other states, Vermont to this day is still a white separatists paradise at an astounding 95% white. Diversity is our strength- as long as we have no diversity. That is the hypocritical double standard of the Left and this entire up-side-down modern clown world.

Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Utah and Wisconsin:

Basically, early settlers from other states brought their servants with them despite the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 which explicitly prohibited the introduction of slavery in the Territories. One noteworthy example was US Congressman George W. Jones from Wisconsin, who brought significant numbers of slaves into the lead region of the state for mining purposes. Ever notice how politicians are most often above the law? That’s the way of the Left, one law for the government employees and another for everyone else. Another exception too fun not to mention was John R. Williams, the first mayor of Detroit. He owned slaves. I actually found eleven streets in that city named after slave owners, yet not one of them was a Confederate. Despite the original prohibition, the last Census that allowed a slave category in the North in 1840 showed there were still eleven slaves left in Wisconsin. As best I can gather, these were finally emancipated in 1862 during the War for Southern Independence.

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Lewis Cass. Senator from Michigan and slave owner. Proponent of popular sovereignty.

Regarding the rest of the North, the few states of the Union that I haven’t mentioned were simply restricted as “whites only” racial separatist promised lands. In light of the chaos and hatred multiculturalism has historically exacerbated wherever it is practiced, I’m not saying the north was wrong or incorrect but simply wish to point out the extreme societal double standard in dealing with the south on issues related to race and slavery. So to get back on track: Ohio in 1802, Indiana in 1816 and Illinois in 1818 all abolished slavery in their original state constitutions. However, they also required freed negroes who tried to relocate into the state be forced to produce documents to verify their legal status and to post a bond to guarantee good behavior. The bond requirements were far too prohibitive for 1800’s dollars and were often as high as $1,000, so it worked as designed, it kept negroes out. An expansion of such legislation was passed in Illinois in 1819, 1829 and again in 1853. In Indiana, in 1831 and also 1852. Michigan Territory in 1827, Iowa Territory in 1839, Iowa in 1851 and the Oregon Territory passed their own unique version of a negro exclusion law in 1849.

Southern States (Controlled by the Empire):

Finally, we come to the states of Maryland, Missouri, Kentucky and West Virginia. Although Southern in both geography and people, they all had remained part of the Union throughout the War for Southern Independence (generally through Yankee trickery, deception and coercion). So what become of their massive slave populations? Did their slaves get released at the beginning of the Lincoln administration? Or at least during the war upon the first mention of the Emancipation Proclamation?  Oh no, not at all. Of course, the Emancipation Proclamation applied only to “states in rebellion” against the Empire, so it excluded all northern slaves. In fact, almost half a million slaves remained in captivity in these states controlled by the Empire throughout the entire war. Their bondage was guaranteed by the United States Army, counting in the hundreds of thousands; the brave boys in blue fighting to protect slavery in the Union.

In a dishonest attempt to obfuscate the issue, some people add in a third category between the North and the South – referred to as the “border states.” They do this with hopes to assign away the blame of Union slavery to some fictitious third party, but there were only two entities- the North and the South, the Union and the Confederacy. So, to excuse away slave states that remained in the Union as “border states” is an obvious attempt to confuse and obfuscate the clear issue of slavery in the Union.

As I have shown in this three part series of articles, the North and the Union had slavery consistently for hundreds of years. Therefore, the cleansing of  Confederate monuments isn’t a consequence to anything that us, as Southerners, or our ancestors may have done. Instead, know it as one more unjust targeted double standard that we constantly face as a people. That glorious statue of an ancestor for our children to emulate as a hero is symbolic of us. And, THAT is exactly why they are hated to the point of being toppled with such ferocity and force in every city throughout the South.

Unfortunately, history has shown us the standard progression of cultural genocide and that after they remove the monuments of stone, the flesh will indeed follow. In this case, their aim is to throw our beautiful unique children into the meat-grinder of multiculturalism, only to spit out some radical kinky-haired socialist worker drones of no defined race, people or religion. The tragic irony is you won’t even have to be Southern to see it. Absolutely, the North and the Union is equally culpable.

So, if you’re a decent, normal flag-waving Yankee or even just a Christian, it’s an absolute certainty that the beast will eventually come frothing at the mouth salivating for you too.